SMEG! It’s the New Red Dwarf Trailer

Finally the legendary comedy space travelers return for more outrageous adventures, hopefully more great shows once more…


Fringe, Apes and Super 8 triumph at Saturns


Rise of the Planet of the Apes and J.J. Abrams’ Super 8 both scored three trophies at the annual Saturn Awards, given by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, which were presented last night, while Fringe took home two in the television categories.

Apes was hailed as the Best SF Film, with Andy Serkis’ performance as Caesar and the entire Special Effects team also winning awards. Super 8 had the Best Performance by a Younger Actor (Joel Courtney), as well as Best Director (Abrams) and Best Music (Michael Giacchino).

Anna Torv’s work as the two Olivias on Fringe was rewarded with Best TV Actress, and the show was the Best Network TV series.

Best Fantasy Film was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2, and Best Animated went to Puss in Boots.

According to Academy president Robert Holguin: “In one of the most rewarding years ever for genre…

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NEHW Member in New Collection with Author Joe Hill

This should be a a great quality

Jason Harris Promotions

Author and NEHW member Rob Smales’ story, “Photo Finish,” is included in the anthology, The Ghost is the Machine. This collection is filled with steampunk inspired ghost stories and includes a story by author Joe Hill. The anthology was edited by Patrick Scalisi and will be released on Aug. 14.

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Now over on the SFX Magazine website, they have added information and new images from the very anticipated second series of the bloody gruesome American television series, which is back in a few months.

Already we have been delivered the stunning shock news that this return series will be a total revamp, new locations, new characters, and tales but actually using a number of the same actors who return in different roles as well as some new actors and characters added.

But now the teasing really begins, new viral ad campaigns and exclusive images and photos.
Just who are they new characters, what is their story, what new horrors will come to terrify and haunt them this time?

In the previous shocking series, they introduced us to a number of extremely nasty and vicious characters, the Harmon family encountering unexpected dangers and deadly mysteries. The show came to be highly provocative, saucy, sexy along with regular blood and murderous shocks and scares. We came to know the family, their inner problems, issues and tensions, which were soon manipulated and tested by the gang of sinister evil characters around and inside the haunted and dangerous house which they moved into together.

We now know that in this second series it has been revealed that, very unexpectedly the producers have decided to scrap the known characters, the Harmon family and the house altogether, and introduce all new characters and events for us to encounter.

This is quite fairly a very bold and courageous decision to have made. Just how successful will this turn out to be? Not just that, but that even more unexpectedly, the choice to continue with a number of the main actors in very different roles apparently. Could that actually really throw and confuse audiences far too much? To the point of fans and viewers simply leaving, unhappy with the radical direction taken?

I do think that it seems the makers still seem to continue on in the successful genuine horror stakes, very much to cinema horror films standards in my view, but will the changes even distract too far from our attention on the specific narrative and show characters?

American Horror Story has been one of my very favorite television shows in the last couple of years, and a really hope that they can continue to take on forward for a long time, with the same bold writing and sinister shocks and darkly disturbing terror even with the challenging changes it has chosen along the way.


News out on SFX magazine site, tells of the makers of irritating period drama Downton Abbey, Carnival Films,  have decided to look at producing a ten part television series based of the Stoker story, and will be simply called DRACULA. It will star the reliably engaging and strange Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

Is it time for a television version of the DRACULA tale? Can it actually be conveyed convincingly well enough on the small screen, without being just a total waste of time and precious money?

It sounds like the plot might have similarities to Francis Ford Coppola’s Bram Stoker’s Dracula from 1992, which to me at least, would not be a bad thing, even while I am probably one of the few who regard that as an impressive movie.

At least having Rhys Meyers on board for the show should guarantee some level of decent entertaining quality of good drama and it should probably have a good production design and look to it. But it is going up against a number of running television vampire series and shows presently on air including the massively still popular True Blood.

Will this series focus more of the sultry lust and romance of the legendary vampire and his exploits (which could be very likely) or could it surprise us and hold with the romance and sexual tension the equally powerful and dramatic unnerving terror and fear within the classic horror tale which makes it what we know?

We will hopefully find out in the autumn how this new version of the gothic nightmare will be created.

Just personally finished up the second part in a short horror series I am writing at the present. It is a sort of challenge in ways, and that is always a good thing to have. There are individual elements to the overall series, some parts intended as more shocking or terrifying than other parts which are more about mood, atmosphere.

As before I am continuing to submit my new horror novel NORTHERN SOULS and my new science fiction novel is collecting interest over time.

Presently  some of my short horror tales can be read in the June and July issues of KULTUR magazine, a magazine which is all about alternative and gothic fashion/music/art/fiction.

Keeping busy as ever.


So now we have been given to very first tiny teaser trailer for the very much anticipated new SUPERMAN movie, MAN OF STEEL which is directed by ZACK SNYDER, he of WATCHMEN, 300 and recently SUCKERPUNCH. Yes, that’s right there is continual mixed opinion about this choice of director for such a huge and legendary iconic hero.

Remembering how the previous SUPERMAN movie floundered so badly, practically ignored on release, though looking back it is not all bad quite honestly, but something really impressive in necessary for this next one, especially in times when the MARVEL studios are embarrassing DC on a regular basis which stunning movies like IRON MAN, THOR and AVENGERS.

Even now that THE DARK KNIGHT RISES has arrived, a new version of SUPERMAN on the big screen is going to have to be very similar to that or just at least on the same impressive level.

We all know that SNYDER’S power is in producing really amazing visually astounding movies, but then they can regularly lack very much in the writing and scripting, hollow narratives and flat characters, again seen in the sadly thin SUCKERPUNCH film.

Judging by this very brief new MAN OF STEEL teaser, it seems that producer CHRISTOPHER NOLAN-yes one director of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES- might well hopefully be guiding and nudging SNYDER in a better way of working, putting some restraint and thought into his work besides huge exploding images and sensational super-pumped up characters lacking in depth.

With a currently sad output in films for DC besides BATMAN, alongside the might and triumphant repeated success of MARVEL’S very many huge box-office smashing movies, DC need to tackle their other well known legend icon this time, and gradually build up to the possibility of just maybe producing a JUSTICE LEAGUE movie in future.

Just to add, I was one of the few who did find GREEN LANTERN  a cool, enjoyable movie, and it would be nice to see a sequel perhaps.

Come on DC, give us a mighty man of Krypton…


Here it is people-over half a year we’ve all been waiting like desperate junkies for the most potent fix of Bat related fantasy adventure in cinemas. Our fix is waiting, full superhuge near three hour length dark dramatic finale.

Some folk will just immediately go out supporting it in any and all ways, hyping up the praise and glorifying it to everyone they meet. Now it is going to be at the very least a goo few hours, or days before I myself get to view this colossal epic movie, in whatever format I find-IMAX, 3D(?), normal humble smaller screen.

Do I want THE DARK KNIGHT RISES to be great? Of course, like lamost everyone I do. Do I think it might fail? Hmmm. Will it-or is it-too big, far too long, going way too far? Has Nolan just tested himself one too many times, and lost the plot and ruined what he has built up so far with the legacy and legendary icon of decades BATMAN?

The thing troubling could well be the mysterious and dangerous main villian, BANE. The last time he was seen on the big screen, yes, that’s right, calm down people. BATMAN AND ROBIN uses BANE in such a terrible ill judged way, along with everything else featured within, but it did have looking back now, a lighthearted playfulness reflecting the much loved tv series with Adam West and others.

Trailers leading right up to now for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES featured infamously, BANE just mumbling along and confusing the royal heck out of all of us. Was that the whole point there? Clever. That’s BANE for you.

I want know how well ANNE HATHAWAY depicts the feline and super sultry but equally lethal Catwoman. I hear so far some good comments and I do think that she could really be one of the very stronger elements and a wicked surprise within this monumental movie.

But I am running late…I have yet to still catch the Spider, man…

Batman meets the Lovecraft Mythos

Lovecraft eZine

First of all, I’d like to say how saddened I am by the shootings in Denver.  I know that we all are.  I don’t understand what motivates someone to kill others.

I sometimes feel that being a Lovecraft fan is one of my ways to deal with the horrors of the real world.  I am weary of humanity.  Lovecraft was, too… and I feel that kinship.  As Michel Houellebecq writes in H.P. Lovecraft: Against the World, Against Life:

Life is painful and disappointing. It is useless, therefore, to write new realistic novels. We generally know where we stand in relation to reality and don’t care to know any more. Humanity, such as it is, inspires only an attenuated curiosity in us…

Now, here is Howard Phillips Lovecraft: “I am so beastly tired of mankind…”

Howard Phillips Lovecraft (1890–1937). We need a supreme antidote against all forms of realism.

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