Minerva Century -New SF Book News 2

My second science fiction book to be published is due in print soon, and this one-titled Minerva Century-probably sits in the SF subgenre called space opera.

The story follows Dale and Cathy, two characters from Earth but now like so many others, many decades later living either on the space stations or new adopted human planet Minerva.

My first book Orbital Kin was some kind of dystopian sci-fi thriller perhaps, and was influenced by books and films such as I am Legend, 28 Days Later, 2001, the works of J.G.Ballard, Philip K Dick to name only a few.

This new book has been influenced by books such as Frank Herbert’s Dune, the works of Isaac Asimov, films including the Terminator movies, Robocop, Mad Max series, Arthur C. Clarke.

This book is set much further into our future, where mankind has left planet Earth, found a new home planet and named it Minerva. Political and social ways have changed, adapted. Our known cultures and societies reformed, made a kind of peace, and come together to explore the wider galaxy.

Things never remain perfect for too long. Mankind may have learned from the colossal mistakes made on Earth over centuries, but in space there are still some dangerous things which wait and move around, the paranoia, uneasy and carefully structured harmony soon to be threatened once again.

The story explores our faith in technology, our pursuit of understanding our place beyond Earth, identity, addiction, our use and abuse of technology and more.

Watch here for the next part of this Minerva Century introduction.


James E.Parsons is author of science fiction novel Orbital Kin, available now as paperback/ebook from all good bookshops and online retailers.


Minerva Century-New SF book news 1

Hello blog followers. Hope your are well at this point in 2016. Okay so the behind the scenes work has been going on for a few months, but I it really is almost time for my own new second science fiction book to hit stands and bookshops everywhere.

This next book is called Minerva Century, and where my first book Orbital Kin was some kind of sci-fi post-apocalyptic thriller, this new book probably fits into the subgenre of space opera sci-fi.

The final work is being done as you read this, the book cover is looking very good currently.

So this new book has been influenced by some of my favourite SF books, films and authors including Dune, Terminator, 2001, Robocop films, Arthur C Clarke, Philip K Dick to name just a few. This tale is set over a century from right now, out somewhere in our known galaxy. Humankind has relocated to another planet named Minerva, and we have taken help with us in the form of cyborgs.

The story focuses on the two main characters Dale and Cathy who begin to find that they are not simply who they thought they were…

I will be posting more about the book here over the next few weeks.