Right then, finally I have seen THE CABIN IN THE WOODS at the cinema. It took a while, not that I was in anyway putting off seeing it at all. The more I read about this movie, the more it sounded like something that I really had to see, and film that really deserved to be seen.

So what am I going to say? Should I now begin a lengthy detailed personal review, all praise and analysis? You know, right now I think not. I really could do such a thing, and I think I would really enjoy writing a very detailed academic style, like being right back at university once again.

And I have up to now half read a good number of the reviews, which were funny in that the writers had to really carefully describe and praise the movie without ruining it or let away any secrets of the plotpoints at all, which is either very easy or extremely difficult.

Yes, I was very impressed with this movie. Did it work? To most degrees, it certainly did. It is a very knowing, modern clever film. It is mainstream but manages to in ways provoke some questions hopefully.

I am already cetain that it will be one of the films of the year, definately as far as horror or genre movies go. Go see this movie, if you appreciate films, think you know a bit about them, and want to see something different at the same time.



I have just finished watching the pilot episode of this much hyped up new series, and I say that it seems like the kind of show that could continue on quietly but with a reliable unique entertaining momentum.

Here we have another new kind of superhero show, presented in a post-modern contemporary manner, in our pop culture where we have come through years of impressive superhero movies including the X-MEN series, the SPIDERMAN series, the CHRISTOPHER NOLAN BATMAN films and more recently and importantly KICK-ASS. Then on television we have had over the last few years the huge phenomenon that was HEROES, which cashed in on the whole climate of comic book resurgent popularity in film.

In the last couple of years there have been a number of loosely themed superhero inspired television series, aiming to capture and go with some level of interest in this area and take up the audience there for it. Now we have ALPHAS.

This comes over as a much more restrained mostly, thoughtful series, though very similar to HEROES, it begins to unfold as not completely derivative but interestingly mature. It is styled as a kind of gentle drama to begin, after introducing each of the special main characters, their abilities and the premise. As they get together to learn of a mysterious shooting, we see the very different characters conflict and engage with each other in interesting and at times humourous ways.

It sometimes did almost drag on slowly, and could have done with tightening up a little in pace, and toward the end was not as totally original as it could have been or daring either. This show does have a few very interesting combinations of main characters, an honest and interesting balance between them, possible strong storylines to continue it along. I would say it might have been advertised as too much of a super huge event series, but then this is only the start and in time it could well continue on as a special different show, that might offer something more engaging and endearing in the long run.

I will give it time, as these special heroes could find ways of working together well…


Yes, I am just being a typical huge cynic here, with a very comment view of the constant continued rehashing of old, often supposed ‘classic’ or cult films, television series, books, or any older existing product of entertainment?

I am right now considering just why these remakes and ‘re-imagings’ keep appearing today?

Easy answer, of course-money. Almost certainly garuanteed return, due to knowing a particular film or television series did previously have a strong core fanbase or loyal following, or at least a generation who would most likely be very interested to see how modern directors interprate the original.

At the present time, one of the major instances to mind is the new SPIDERMAN reboot, THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN. Personally, I have been not hugely overjoyed at the thought of a newer version which did seem to be arriving unbelievably soon after the last sequel by SAM RAIMI. Why, I thought? Just why the need at all?

Well most obviously, it actaully has been a good few years, around a decade since the first RAIMI SPIDERMAN film, around five years since the final, unfairly lambasted sequel. Is that not long enough to wait to throw up another version of Spidey?

The studios know there is huge potential for anything related to SPIDERMAN, and these days special effects are reliably stunning, especially from the biggest Hollywood film companies. They want to sell a new movie, or even new franchise hopefully, and if they can garuantee a fanatstically large audience there to rush out to the multiplexes when side movie is released the better.  Like BATMAN and SUPERMAN have themselves regularly and continually been remade and remodelled on the big screen over many decades, now too so is SPIDERMAN.

Admittedly it is interesting to see what is produced by a different director and production company using the same product or franchise concept. But then there will most likely often be a mob of angry and unhappy fanboys followers, truly upset with a new depiction of their beloved original movie or television series.

Do they just have to simply endure at watch on helplessly while a new and sometimes highly controvertial version of their favourtie remebered original is presented to the world?

How would I myself feel about one of my own novels or short stories being reinterpreted in some unexpected or possibly inferior way?

A newer and younger generation has emerged since the last SPIDERMAN sequel, ready to see the latest exciting version, with different CGI, different actors, and story to tell. It is in fairness, a fresh tale, which incorporates a new villain and as I see it a arguably radical version of PETER PARKER/SPIDERMAN this time. As with most comic book movie adaptations, there will garuanteed be a number of unsatisfied people, but that really cannot be avoided in anyway.

The recession could be an easy way to blame the continuing trail of remakes, reboots and more, but it is plainly just Hollywood wanting as much money as possibly without risk of losing any. All the market research, test screenings, audience reseach statistics drive them to play safe but it does not always work. Still unexpected indie films in genres of horror, science fiction or fantasy crop up and make wildly impressive amounts from box office ticket sales, confusing and rattling Hollywood big time. Which is really great.

One great example in recent times is the movie MONSTERS (2010) directed by GARETH EDWARDS, shot on a- by movie making standards-very modest budget but received very well respected all round critical acclaim. It could not have been planned by Hollywood, could have been too risky, and most importantly-was a new original idea from a young brave director.

There is hope for originality even in these financially strained and testing times.


There comes news via the SFX magazine site, of an unusual new film inspired by the classic FRANKENSTEIN tale, this time called I, FRANKENSTEIN and directed by STUART BEATTIE, a man previously known as having been involved as writer of films including PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN:CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL (2003), 30 DAYS OF NIGHT (2007), PUNISHER:WARZONE(2007), and well, G.I. JOE THE RISE OF COBRA(2009). Excusing that last terrible expolsive mess, BEATTIE now writes and directs this new interpretation of the FRANKENSTEIN story.

This movie comes from a graphic novel produced by one writer on the UNDERWORLD movies, KEVIN GREVIOUX. Apperently so far, the premise does share parallels with the UNDERWORLD films-their waring groups of werewolves versus vampires, only here with different beasts or monsters.

From a view of FRANKENSTEIN though, will this produce an all new inspired version, without rehashing and simply reforming old tropes of horror and film genre history again?

Personally the best interpretations to screen in my opinion would include of course, the JAMES WHALE 1931 BORIS KARLOFF version, BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1933), HAMMER FILMS productions starring CHRISTOPHER LEE and PETER CUSHING-THE REVENGE OF FRANKENSTEIN, FRANKENSTEIN MUST BE DESTROYED, and yes I do defend the critically mauled and mocked Hollywood epic version FRANKENSTEIN of 1994 starring ROBERT DE NIRO, HELENA BONHAM CARTER, and directed by and starring KENNETH BRANAGH.

There was also the fantastically bizarre MEL BROOKS spoof comedy YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN with GENE WILDER (1974). Then more recently a little seen smaller budget version a few years back directed by a personal favourite director MARCUS NISPEL, who has directed the remake of TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, and recently the CONAN remake. This version was some kind of slight attempted adaptation of the FRANKENSTEIN novels written by DEAN KOONTZ over the last decade or more, which actually have modern urban settings in plot and outlook similar to this STUART BEATTIE version due soon.

Are there just too many versions of this hugely influential classic novel?

Like DRACULA, there will always be another, no stopping it. In many ways, it is always interesting to see how new directors and writers take on their own view and interpretation, in many different ways, no matter how many terrible versions appear over the years.

The monster of FRANKENSTEIN is loose, always roaming unbound, to be seen again in many ways, we can be certain.

Enter the digital world with Tron: Uprising trailer (video)

The long awaited mega sequel may have been a slight let down, but will this new animated series spin off due the franchise justice now?


Disney has released a trailer for its new animated series Tron: Uprising, which will premiere on its Disney XD channel in the US from June.

Set between the two live-action movies, the ten-part Tron: Uprising is voiced by Elijah Wood, Mandy Moore, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Lance Henriksen, Paul Reubens and Tron himself Bruce Boxleitner.

According to the original press release, the series follows Beck, a young program who becomes the unlikely leader of a revolution inside the computer world of The Grid. His mission is to free his home and friends from the reign of the villainous Clu and his henchman General Tesler. Beck will be trained by Tron – the greatest warrior the Grid has ever known. Tron will not only teach Beck the fighting skills he needs to challenge this brutal military occupation, but will be a guide and mentor to him as he grows beyond his youthful, impulsive nature…

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