A boy sees crime:GOTHAM TV Series

In a couple of days, we will finally have the start of the new series which will open up the origins of the world of the young Dark Knight and the things and characters which would influence his adult life.
This is of course the new tv series GOTHAM, which may or may not be a good idea.
There are so many reboots, adaptations, and series influenced or inspired by books, old films, and comics currently but this particular one could turn out to be much more controversial and challenging or provocative than most.
It does seem that it will focus much more on the younger James Gordon, a long time before he will ever meet Batman. In some ways this could be a very fascinating thing, it could show us many interesting tales and sides to a deeper, darker Gotham than we have ever known.
As you may have seen from the various tv traliers and online, we will also see a good few of the very famous and well-known DC Batman villains such as Penguin, Riddler, Poison Ivy and others and they will have their own origins explored and observed.
There have of course been a number of other successful and less so comic-book inspired tv serie over the last decade or more, one very similar and very popular being Smallville based on a young Superman. There will certainly no doubt be a good few comparisons and similarities between these two shows, but Gotham is very probably going to be more of an adult, late-night detective drama-or is it?
Just what exact path will this show take?
Another similar comic-book inspired show would be Agents of Shield from Marvel, which has mostly successfully run alongside the many various hugely successful Hollywood Marvel comicbook movies. While that series has had some ups and downs, not always being as good as hoped for or satisfying, but also it connected with and played off the movies in some well timed ways. Could DC Comics hope to do similar things with this show or would it even be possible?
The current Hollywood success battle between the massive worlds and characters from Marvel and DC comics and their studios is regularly offering us a new movie project and hoping to put out the biggest and best movie after the last with their own comic characters and series.
DC comics of course have finally given many hope of the long anticipated Justice League movie/project now with the new Batman/Superman/Wonderwoman movie due in over a year or so, and finally possibly looking ready to stand strong against the might of big-screen Marvel output.
Should DC really go along in a more different approach? Many of the Batman and other DC titles have often had much more cerebral, thoughtful element to them compared to Marvel, and so should a tv adaptation not reflect this also?
Of course we had the famous super-camp 60’s Batman show, but as great as that was, it did not show other sides of DC comics and characters and no tv adaptation ever has since, with probably only the Tim Burton movies really getting very close previously.
Could this new grim show possibly then be more like a Tim Burton late-night DC comic adaptation? Would that be a fantastic thing and something which should have happened long ago?
In the next few days we will see Gotham, we will meet the ones who will meet the Dark Knight down the line.


The wrong heroes? Avengers: Age of Ultron

It will probably be the biggest movie to arrive on cinema screens in less than a year from now, with post-production taking place over the new few months. It has the well known great iconic superheroes including Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Thor and more. There are even a bunch of other new faces this time, as we see the line-up change and expand. This is a good change, as the Marvel universe moves along in cinema, but is it the best change we could have seen?
for this next chapter of Marvel’s Avengers on the big screen, we have characters including Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and Vision joining the group of heroes. They may or may not improve the balance and dynamic of action and adventure, along with the next menacing villain Ultron.
But what other hero characters could have taken part this time, and which should have?
We do have Scarlet Witch added this time, who will be there alongside Black Widow, but are there still not enough good female characters involved? Are the women just in the shadow of the over the top antics of the muscular and brash male heroes?
There could have been the less known but loved Black Panther, a strong and equally mighty black character to enter the cast. He may still be due a film of his own in future, so there is time for him yet in the next sequel.
Over the decades, there have been various changes to the line-up of the Avengers in the comics, with known heroes coming and going, and often the interaction and dynamics between characters has been worth seeing besides who they due to fight or battle with.
Another great character hero of colour who could have been added would be Luke Cage, who may have added an alternative feel to the story with his personal background and family where the other leads are less tied down.
A female character who really could have blown open the way besides the male characters would be Ms. Marvel. Like Supergirl, Wonder Woman and others, she would of course have needed a serious costume make-over which may have been too much. As a character, she has been often extremely bold and striking visually and in tales, and also she is being taken through a new design period so again it could be a while before she makes it onto the big screen.
As hugely successful as The Avengers movie has been internationally, could it have different and just as good? It did take a few movies to set it all up, and ultimately the movie did have to really contain the most well known and iconic Marvel heroes, but could it have taken more wild risks and been a better film?
We are getting a sequel, and another after that, and then the many related other Marvel movies before and after featuring other varied characters-some well known, other less so.
Now that we have seen Guardians of the Galaxy, and the great success that it has achieved with characters and a tale which some considered a real risk, the next few Marvel movies being lined up will offer more varied strange, unusual and interesting heroes, villians and tales for all.
Right now, some of the characters and movies due from rivals DC comics may actually seem possibly more bold and challenging but so far overall Marvel has given us regular, good movies with balance of epic action, sincere comicbook style visuals adapted well, well chosen actors. Can the Avengers become stronger and greater over time? Will the DC heroes suddenly rise up and claim rule over cinema screens in only a couple of years from now? We will see…