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Now over on the SFX Magazine website, they have added information and new images from the very anticipated second series of the bloody gruesome American television series, which is back in a few months.

Already we have been delivered the stunning shock news that this return series will be a total revamp, new locations, new characters, and tales but actually using a number of the same actors who return in different roles as well as some new actors and characters added.

But now the teasing really begins, new viral ad campaigns and exclusive images and photos.
Just who are they new characters, what is their story, what new horrors will come to terrify and haunt them this time?

In the previous shocking series, they introduced us to a number of extremely nasty and vicious characters, the Harmon family encountering unexpected dangers and deadly mysteries. The show came to be highly provocative, saucy, sexy along with regular blood and murderous shocks and scares. We came to know the family, their inner problems, issues and tensions, which were soon manipulated and tested by the gang of sinister evil characters around and inside the haunted and dangerous house which they moved into together.

We now know that in this second series it has been revealed that, very unexpectedly the producers have decided to scrap the known characters, the Harmon family and the house altogether, and introduce all new characters and events for us to encounter.

This is quite fairly a very bold and courageous decision to have made. Just how successful will this turn out to be? Not just that, but that even more unexpectedly, the choice to continue with a number of the main actors in very different roles apparently. Could that actually really throw and confuse audiences far too much? To the point of fans and viewers simply leaving, unhappy with the radical direction taken?

I do think that it seems the makers still seem to continue on in the successful genuine horror stakes, very much to cinema horror films standards in my view, but will the changes even distract too far from our attention on the specific narrative and show characters?

American Horror Story has been one of my very favorite television shows in the last couple of years, and a really hope that they can continue to take on forward for a long time, with the same bold writing and sinister shocks and darkly disturbing terror even with the challenging changes it has chosen along the way.



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