Ramsey Campbell will be on an upcoming “Lovecraft eZine” video chat

Lovecraft eZine

The Last Revelation of Gla’akiI’m pleased to announce that horror author Ramsey Campbell will be my guest on an upcoming episode of The Lovecraft eZine video chat show!  I’ll be discussing his new Lovecraftian novel, The Last Revelation of Gla’aki.

You’ll be able to watch the show LIVE, on Sunday, July 14, 2013, at 4:00pm Eastern time.  (The show is usually at 6pm ET, but I’m doing it two hours earlier to accommodate Ramsey Campbell’s schedule because of the time difference.)

To watch the show LIVE at that time, go here: Lovecraft eZine video chat.

If you can’t watch the show live, it will be recorded and then archived on the Lovecraft eZine Youtube channel. You can subscribe to the channel by clicking this link.

UPDATE: Here is the archived video chat: Lovecraft eZine video chat with Ramsey Campbell

(Do you have a question for Ramsey Campbell that you’d…

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Respecting a Legend; A Tribute to Richard Matheson (1926-2013)

Horror Novel Reviews


Written by: Matt Molgaard

Brilliant minds seem few and far between. There are a lot of powerful thinkers out there in the world, but few with the drive, determination and consistent showings of talent to earn the term legendary. Richard Matheson was one of the really rare individuals who not only deserved, but totally and completely earned that title. The man was absolutely brilliant, one of the strongest minds to ever dip his hands in the pot.

If you haven’t followed Matheson’s work over the years, you’ve been missing something truly special. Then again, if you’ve never read or seen any of Matheson’s material, maybe you’re anti-entertainment, in which case, you probably wouldn’t be reading this to begin with. Richard ruled the world of printed fiction for years, and he took that talent right to the screen.  Big and small alike, Matheson wrote some amazing tales. His work on…

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Tell me, have any of you seen films of the science fiction/horror/fantasy kinds recently that have impressed you more than you might have been expecting? Or are you thinking that there are simply far too many huge budget Hollywood style explosive visual spectacle movies one after another, with few films which actually seem to contain strong and challenging or original enough stories within them?

Hello all, I am back here after a while away. Things are now getting very busy again with the preparation of my first science fiction novel Orbital Kin, which could very possibly be published in the next couple of months now if all is going well. I will still continue to blog some regular pieces in the meantime, as there are actually a surprising number of impressive looking science fiction movies heading our way in cinemas, and a few great new books coming along from some known and less known authors to look forward to over the summer weeks.