2014-Books due soon-Scifi, Fantasy, Horror…

So now the year has begun, and let us consider some of the great or interesting new novels and more which we should be expecting in the next few months…

Well, still we are seeing many popular vampire romatic or erotic series, and YA fantasy/urban series similar to Hunger Games etc. Not ultimately the kind of thing that I am waiting for…we have a new book from Jim Butcher, the Dresden Files series author, usually good reliable gritty magical urban fantasy tales. The amazingly successful self-published star Hugh Howey continues his run with Dust, the third in the Wool series.

Science fiction superauthor of our times, Alastair Reynolds moves on with On the Steel Breeze, paperback edition of the next part of the Poseidon’s Children tale in interstellar space.

Metro 2034 could be a really fantastic read hopefully-a sequel of the cult Russian modern classic which inspired videogames in the last decade or so. Post-apocalyptic danger and dark satire of our world.

A new novel based in the ALIEN franchise, Out of the Shadows (Book1) comes in January.

Modern paranoid multi-subgenre SF great Charles Stross brings us new book The Rhesus Chart:A Laundry Files Novel. Hope he can come back around to some impressive mind-bending work once more after some very strange work recently.

A new Doctor Who novel ‘Into The Nowhere’ in January from another guest author, Jenny T Colgan this time. Could be very interesting for fans.

The highly respected literary author Joanne Harris brings us The Gospel of Loki, being very out of character could be a curious and strange fantasy read well written.

A new novel based on the Halo videogame series- Halo:Mortal Dictata due in January.

Top fantasy author Trudy Canavan returns with Thief’s Magic Book 1: Millenium’s Rule.

As for new Horror fiction due soon we can expect…

A new anthology collection edited by True Blood author Charlaine Harris & Toni .L.P. Kelner called Games Creatures Play, March 6th.

The Unquiet House, from Alison Littlewood-April.

Bird Box, Josh Malerman, March.

The paperback of the very well recieved latest from Joe Hill-NOS4R2 around October time.

A new creepy collection of many top authors, called Fearful Symmetries, April.

Born to Fear-Interviews with Tomas Ligotti, and novel The Spectral Link-Tomas Ligotti.

The paperback of great new Shining fiction sequel from Stephen King, Doctor Sleep, due June.

The amazing Anne Rice continues on with werewolves in The Wolves of Midwinter:The Wolf Gift Chronicles next book in June.

Another new short novella from the HAMMER book imprint by Melvin Burgess, Hunger.

A Love Like Blood (Named like a classic Killing Joke tune) Marcus Sedgewick in March.


Also this year personally I am writing up my new next science fiction novel, potentially preparing my first horror novel for publishing, and currently my first recently released sci-fi novel Orbital Kin is available from Amazon, WHSmith, Waterstones, Play.com as paperback and ebook now.








Gravity leads BAFTA nominations


gravity-poster-ukAlfonso Cuaron’s Gravity has been nominated in the most categories at the 2014 EE BAFTA Awards.

The nominations were announced earlier today (8th January) with the SF film receiving eleven separate nods: Best Film, Outstanding British Film, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, Best Leading Actress, Best Original Music, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Production Design, Best Sound and Best Special Visual Effects.

Other nominated genre films included Despicable Me 2, Frozen and Monsters University vying for Best Animated Film; the second Hobbit film for Best Make Up & Hair as well as Best Visual Effects; and Iron Man 3,Pacific Rim and Star Trek Into Darkness, all competing for Best Visual Effects.

The awards will be announced on February 16th.

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Revolutionary War Alpha #1 – Review

This to me is absolute fantastic news, really great to see some 90’s classic UK characters return. Very well done, and really hope it has success.

Weekly Comic Book Review

by Andy Lanning, Alan Cowsill (Writers), Rich Elson (Artist), Antonio Fabela (Colorist)

The Story: Pete Wisdom and Captain Britain needs to gather the crew back as trouble arrive in the UK with Mys-Tech rearing its ugly head back.

The Review: Marvel has a rather large library of characters. Mutants, magic users, cosmic beings, street-level heroes, monsters, oddities and many more are but a selection of the kind of characters one can see when reading one of their books. While the very same is true for the Distinguished Competition as well, the new 52 reboot kind of crushed this large selection for them in unfortunate ways.

We all have some characters we especially like for various reasons. Nostalgia, a certain cool factor, a presentation or a concept that resonates with what we generally like to read and many others can indicate why we like some characters more than others…

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