Some months ago we had sudden news confirmed about a new ALIENS sequel after District 9 and Chappie film director Neill Blomkamp posted up some artwork suggesting scenes involving Ripley and other classic characters and stated about his interest in working on an ALIEN project. Soon after to the general joy of sci-fi movie fans globally, it was confirmed that he would be doing such a film as his next actual project. On top of this great news, the main series icon Sigourney Weaver linked herself to the film and was pleased to hear about such a project.

Around the same time or soon after, original director of ALIEN, Ridley Scott made it clear that he was actually very happy to know that Blomkamp would be working on a new part of the ALIENS franchise and gave his blessing. Previously Scott had told us that he may have some thoughts on continuing with another film sequel to his almost controversial Prometheus film, which was not a prequel to ALIEN but ‘in the same world’ as the ALIENS films. This confused and frustrated huge numbers of fans.

While I personally did find some great things in Prometheus to really like, although of course it did confuse and tease all ALIEN fans; it was not embraced or loved by the great majority of cinema viewers. People wanted the actual xenomorph alien creatures back on screen, the dark and chilling atmospheric fear or the space military action of the first sequel. We were offered yes, a vast time and space travelling voyage but parts of it seemed rushed, confused, contracdictory and eventually anticlimactic.

To defend Ridley Scott slightly, he did around the time of release, even then suggest that it possibly be the first of one or even two films which would eventually link up to the original film. Well Prometheus recieved a terrible general response, and a few years have passed with most people still very unforgiving, but now much more interested in what Neill Blomkamp may offer up.

So this week, Ridley Scott suddenly spoke out and did finally confirm that his next actual project will be a sequel to Prometheus and it will begin shooting in Febuary 2016. This of course found a frosty and mixed response soon after across social media. With this news he also added that this would not be just one sequel but very probably the first of at least two and possibly three which will then link right up to the first ALIEN  film.

This was a shock quiet honestly, as while he had suggest this notion when Prometheus was released around three years ago, since then so many have been very clear about their dislike of the film and great disappointment with it.

With this news, while I myself was actually fairly interested and in some sense pleased (I know, strange right?) in a very ominous sense it seemed to echo the intentions of James Cameron and his planned out Avatar series. Avatar, like Prometheus recieved mixed reviews on released (while of course, huge box office takings) but Cameron then later spoke out about shooting two more sequels back to back, and perhaps even more, but this may seem to take him well into the next decade I may think. Do we actually really to see anywhere near that much more of the Avatar world?

Similarly, Ridley Scott seems to some level, oblivious to the general public response to Prometheus and is simply set on expanding and exploring the world and characters already set up so far.

Besides this, he had now also confirmed the sequel title to now be- ALIEN: Paradise Lost. Some are suggesting that he has bowed to studio pressure to connect the series much more closely to the original films. This may be good news, or it may seem he condense some of his own personal vision. When the film begins to shoot early next year we will start to hear just what kind of future the world of the legendary space aliens has ahead.


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