Bigger and better? -Science Fiction Movies attack…

Here we are now in August, heading toward the end of the summer of 2013 very soon, and we have seen a good long list of absolutely huge and epic science fiction/fantasy blockbuster films smash and explode over the cinema screens one after another. There has been IRON MAN 3, MAN OF STEEL, PACIFIC RIM, STAR TREK, OBLIVION, and then in the over the next couple of months we will get ELYSIUM, and then ENDER’S GAME, and after that GRAVITY.

Is this a great this to see? These are dozens of huge spectacle movies which just could not ever have been put on screen so successfully a few years ago. This is CGI heaven, sci-fi tales on screen like should always have been and like we have always longed for-right?

Or is that not quite exactly how we do feel? Is this unending bombardment of spectacular screen action and adventure wearing us down? Are we growing numbed by these films now? There are strong suggestions that a good few of these films have not gained the expected or much hoped for box-office takings and to some it has been a huge surprise. But really? Some of these movies have possibly been too negatively linked to much worse dross-Pacific Rim being lazily associated with the always lacking super-huge but super-dumb Transformers franchise movies.

We know that there are certainly some clear problems in the film industry, funding new movies, promoting them, guessing which ones will be the ones that really are loved and taken up by the audiences. Hollywood is getting less and less likely to take chances on anything not previously a best-selling book series, an already established film series, or previously known tv show. But should we always look to Hollywood or expect the best science fiction/fantasy films to always come from that direction?

Even in these continuing difficult economic times globally, strange and bold new movies are gradually appearing on a low to no budget level in the UK, US and even from many more international areas thanks to still accessible digital equipment and creativity.




Hello again all, I am back here to post a few more pieces of new info about the official publication/release of my debut science fiction novel Orbital Kin which was out July 31st.

You can read the first couple of chapters over on the website of my publisher Austin Macauley Publishers, on the Orbital Kin book page there. There is also an ‘Author Interview’ on their website, where I discuss the inspirations behind the book, my writing influences, the plot and other things.

There will now be a signing/author event at the Trafford centre in Manchester, UK at the end of September-keep watching my website, social media for more details soon.

The book is available now, to buy and order from Amazon, Waterstones, and other booksellers.

Orbital Kin-An urban modern dystopian science fiction thriller.  


After many months of waiting, proof reading and proofing again, editing and last changes in these last few days at the end of July my own debut science fiction novel Orbital Kin has been published by UK publisher Austin Macauley.

Here is the blurb from the book cover-

After an unusual disease breaks out and begins to threaten the country, a group of postgraduate students at a British university focus their research upon it, aiming to find out the cause and the cure.

The experimentations move out to space stations soon enough, in hope of a cure being produced while more mysterious events take place. The two graduate students find success, breakthroughs and the sudden spreading illness takes them in directions they never expected.

Can university graduates Steven and Alan save the country from the spread of the disease?

Only time will tell…

The novel is available in paperback and ebook, from shops such as Waterstones,, and others and the Austin Macauley website.

If you want something different but realistic, modern and exciting in science fiction this might be your kind of story. For fans of authors such as William Gibson, JG Ballard, Alastair Reynolds, Arthur C Clarke. It is in a way dystopian, a thriller, almost some kind of epic space drama and family tale. A future only perhaps years from now, a possible tomorrow, a warning or a future fiction fable.