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News out on SFX magazine site, tells of the makers of irritating period drama Downton Abbey, Carnival Films,  have decided to look at producing a ten part television series based of the Stoker story, and will be simply called DRACULA. It will star the reliably engaging and strange Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

Is it time for a television version of the DRACULA tale? Can it actually be conveyed convincingly well enough on the small screen, without being just a total waste of time and precious money?

It sounds like the plot might have similarities to Francis Ford Coppola’s Bram Stoker’s Dracula from 1992, which to me at least, would not be a bad thing, even while I am probably one of the few who regard that as an impressive movie.

At least having Rhys Meyers on board for the show should guarantee some level of decent entertaining quality of good drama and it should probably have a good production design and look to it. But it is going up against a number of running television vampire series and shows presently on air including the massively still popular True Blood.

Will this series focus more of the sultry lust and romance of the legendary vampire and his exploits (which could be very likely) or could it surprise us and hold with the romance and sexual tension the equally powerful and dramatic unnerving terror and fear within the classic horror tale which makes it what we know?

We will hopefully find out in the autumn how this new version of the gothic nightmare will be created.



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  1. If you bear in mind that Stoker’s novel was written as a series of journal entries, I think it stsnds a fair chance of success

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