Days until Minerva-book release

Here I am near the very end of June. Last weekend I sat at a table at DaleCon4 in Rochdale promoting my first SF book Orbital Kin and gearing up early promotion of my new second book Minerva Century. The cover artwork was on show, and I was telling many interested people about the kind of story this book contains.

Minerva Century is officially published 30th June, again in paperback and ebook but also in hardback this time.

This may be a new story to match our times- mankind leaves the place known as home, unable to return. An agumented cyborg man called Dale works in galactic patrol and he is having troubles. The cyborgs are always ready, always strong and ready. But something is wrong inside…someone or something has attacked him…

Minerva Century- published 30th June 2016 in all good bookshops. Orbital Kin available now paperback/ebook.


To leave Earth-Minerva Century thoughts

The countdown has now begun. There are just weeks until my new science fiction/speculative fiction book Minerva Century is published.

This is a new story which looks at a possible time in future when humankind has left this planet, relocated to another, and we have changed ourselves and where we are, and why we are.

If we were to really leave our Earth, in big numbers-say hundreds or thousands of people at a time, or even more than this-how would we do this, and why would we do it?

There are a number of specific business people and individual corporate entities right now attempting to take small numbers of regular, willing individuals who are will to pay the price on brief journeys into near space with mixed results.

Very many sci-fi tales over more than a century now have considered where mankind might go in outer space, which planets we would make our own first. I would hope to think that I am not a pessimistic person, but what do you think might be the main thing which would finally make us leave this planet? Would we be leaving for good, progressive reasons or actually could it be that some terrible or horrific event or change in global cultures, economies, technologies might provoke us to escape?

The new SF book Minerva Century from James E.Parsons is published at the end of June, in paperback, ebook and hardback from all good booksellers. His first book Orbital Kin is available now.