The horror to be continued…

So along with all of these current new comic-book television adaptations, and with a few of the major successful big genre series finally ending or being cancelled including True Blood, Once Upon a Time; we have more recently been witnessing the arrival of a few new shows adapted from cult horror movies or also a few in production soon. These include now Evil Dead, From Dusk ’til Dawn, Teen Wolf, Hannibal and others.
We really just can’t stop these shows, and often some of them turn out to actually be surprisingly good. With the reveltion of the Sam raimi cult classic Evil Dead potentially becoming a small screen series (don’t ask me how that might actually work…)should we question which of these cult and fan-favourite horror films should be adapted or not?
Which others could be very well suited to extended small screen series format?
From a few that I personally really like, I wonder if something like Hellraiser or Candyman, Re-animator or Dario Argento’s Suspiria could be great weekly shows? or looking at how the format is evolving, just long extended mini series on outlets like Netflix etc?
Are there some already that have ruined your memories of a much loved classic fear film or just changed too much involving the characters, plots and familiar worlds they come from?
I am not convinced that all classic or cult movies can move from big to small screen successfully, but one or two of these shows do happen give us an interesting new angle on known familiar characters and tales.


New writing from the author…

For those of you who might be interested, I am going to just say a few things about the new science fiction novel that I am working on right now.
At this stage, at just about between second and third draft, near to 300 pages with many notes and extra parts to sort out. While the story of my first SF novel published last year-Orbital Kin, out now at good bookshops, Waterstones, Foyles, Amazon etc and book trailer on youtube-was mostly based on earth in the UK, but also then on a space station; this next novel all takes place right out in space and much further into the future.
Things that might be influencing the themes and concept of the new book include the works of Isaac Asimov, the Terminator film series, the books of Arthur C Clarke, and a few other significant things.
There are two main characters who have been seperated over time and they are connected once more, as their lives change and future mysteries are explored and revealed. The tale looks at the human race in many years from now, how we may develope or struggle through time and space.
I hope to have the final draft done by the end of the year so keep watching for more updates and news here.

Big heroes, small screens…

Right now, the transition of more DC and Marvel comic titles to the small screen seems to keep going, now we have new ARROW, GOTHAM and THE FLASH to wait for soon.
Some of the early pictures and teaser trailers for the shows are looking mostly great overall, even the Constantine adaptation (though he not allowed to smoke on screen, which is of course totally wrong for that character).
But at this point I wonder, are there far too many of these comicbook inspired shows appearing, much to fast?
Obviously, they are riding on the back of the massive cinema movie success of the many Marvel movies such as IRON MAN, THOR, Avengers Assemble( yes, sorry I am in the UK here, and that title did suck). With many of these titles coming to small screens, they could potentially offer well developed characters and long stories over weeks and months, but will the lack of good enough special effects for some reduct the success?
Not all of the shows mentioned rely upon special effects, but with comic-book shows that will certainly have to be a regular and very important part of the show. Shows like The Flash and Constantine I think would really have to impress us seriously well with a combination of great acting, plotting and at times, some very stunning eye candy effects. Will we get that?
So far recently we can look at what we have seen from Marvel’s Agents of Shield series, which has had many ups and downs in quality and audience response and reviews. But then on the small screen it has seemed that DC comics has usually often had the balance just right most of the time, while their big screen cinema efforts have continued to be a confused and unbalanced mess that never really hits the spot just how they could.
Are you looking forward to seeing The Flash and Gotham, do you think they could turn out really great?