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Big heroes, small screens…

Right now, the transition of more DC and Marvel comic titles to the small screen seems to keep going, now we have new ARROW, GOTHAM and THE FLASH to wait for soon.
Some of the early pictures and teaser trailers for the shows are looking mostly great overall, even the Constantine adaptation (though he not allowed to smoke on screen, which is of course totally wrong for that character).
But at this point I wonder, are there far too many of these comicbook inspired shows appearing, much to fast?
Obviously, they are riding on the back of the massive cinema movie success of the many Marvel movies such as IRON MAN, THOR, Avengers Assemble( yes, sorry I am in the UK here, and that title did suck). With many of these titles coming to small screens, they could potentially offer well developed characters and long stories over weeks and months, but will the lack of good enough special effects for some reduct the success?
Not all of the shows mentioned rely upon special effects, but with comic-book shows that will certainly have to be a regular and very important part of the show. Shows like The Flash and Constantine I think would really have to impress us seriously well with a combination of great acting, plotting and at times, some very stunning eye candy effects. Will we get that?
So far recently we can look at what we have seen from Marvel’s Agents of Shield series, which has had many ups and downs in quality and audience response and reviews. But then on the small screen it has seemed that DC comics has usually often had the balance just right most of the time, while their big screen cinema efforts have continued to be a confused and unbalanced mess that never really hits the spot just how they could.
Are you looking forward to seeing The Flash and Gotham, do you think they could turn out really great?



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