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Here it is people-over half a year we’ve all been waiting like desperate junkies for the most potent fix of Bat related fantasy adventure in cinemas. Our fix is waiting, full superhuge near three hour length dark dramatic finale.

Some folk will just immediately go out supporting it in any and all ways, hyping up the praise and glorifying it to everyone they meet. Now it is going to be at the very least a goo few hours, or days before I myself get to view this colossal epic movie, in whatever format I find-IMAX, 3D(?), normal humble smaller screen.

Do I want THE DARK KNIGHT RISES to be great? Of course, like lamost everyone I do. Do I think it might fail? Hmmm. Will it-or is it-too big, far too long, going way too far? Has Nolan just tested himself one too many times, and lost the plot and ruined what he has built up so far with the legacy and legendary icon of decades BATMAN?

The thing troubling could well be the mysterious and dangerous main villian, BANE. The last time he was seen on the big screen, yes, that’s right, calm down people. BATMAN AND ROBIN uses BANE in such a terrible ill judged way, along with everything else featured within, but it did have looking back now, a lighthearted playfulness reflecting the much loved tv series with Adam West and others.

Trailers leading right up to now for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES featured infamously, BANE just mumbling along and confusing the royal heck out of all of us. Was that the whole point there? Clever. That’s BANE for you.

I want know how well ANNE HATHAWAY depicts the feline and super sultry but equally lethal Catwoman. I hear so far some good comments and I do think that she could really be one of the very stronger elements and a wicked surprise within this monumental movie.

But I am running late…I have yet to still catch the Spider, man…



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