As very recently reported on SFX magazine site, SyFy channel has begun production on a facinating new show which some of you out there may have already heard about called DEFIANCE. Now the interesting part is that it is being promoted as a multimedia creation, with the show only being just one part of the whole, along side some form of online game based in the same world/fictional environment.

As a television show premise, this is fairly original in creation but I would think also most possibly a very brave venture that could fall crashing down just as impressively as it is being hyped.

Yes, I am interested in the progression of modern entertainment, the cross pollination of mediums and platforms that we interact with, and the potential for mixing them together and observing what works well and what just does not. This show and multimedia creation could be some kind of huge unexpected success if they judge it just right.

With the massive international online success and appeal of RPG online games such as World of Warcraft and others, with many of us enjoying regular online multi-player games, and the continued widespread success however formulaic of reality television, with viewer phone in voting and polls (even when rigged) this new multimedia structuring could produce some if not fantasic, at the very least definately interesting results.

I also now think of the very popular player choices on huge console games like MASS EFFECT series, DRAGON AGE, ALAN WAKE,  and many others. This is now a standard expected element of a game these days, not simply beating and fighting, and solving puzzles like before, but engaging narrative progression.

DEFIANCE seems to be Sci-fi in style and surprisingly holds a large number of actors from shows like TRUE BLOOD, BUFFY, ANGEL, DOCTOR WHO, and LOST.

Could this then be the next natural progression in fiction entertainment? We play the games, we watched the games, simultaneously, then later…what? We each write and act in the games? Many ideas could go far ahead into strange dystopian visions right here.

We shall have to wait and see, this show and multimedia experiment might be a very controvertial or successful future addiction for us all in time…continue from last saved point…