SENSE8- Challenging small screen shows of our times

It has been released now, and a good many are watching or have even possibly seen all of it now. Are you watching it? Do you intend to do so? Will you aim to watch it all in one long sitting? This is yet another new series for Netflix to be offered to viewers all in one go or episodes one at a time as usual, depending upon preference. As many of us move to watching box sets, recording series and binge-watching for hours at a time in evenings or in spare time, is this shaping the way stations and producers create new shows like this? Has the viewing experience had a certain clear influence on the making of a show such as SENSE8? I know I myself have recently been watching parts of new series such as Continuum and Penny Dreadful two or three episodes at a time to catch up, days or a week or two after the show was first show. Sense8 as a show was written and partly created by the well-known Wachowski pair who gave the world The Matrix (and those questionable follow-up sequels) and since then some hit-and-miss films of varied quality. They have often if not actually always been very bold and adventurous in continually making at least creatively challenging and unusual movies, usually very visually striking and pushing CGI and film-making technology. So how are the Wachowskis taking this sensibilty to the small screen? From the short but various trailers I have seen, it seems that they are transfering their recognizable visual style fairly well and the concept seems like it could have some good things going for it. It seems a little similar possibly to two or three other fairly recent sci-fi tv shows in the last couple of years, but we know that a big draw with this is going be people interested in seeing the Wachowskis do television. So will you be watching? After the not too amazing response to their most recent and also science fiction movie Jupiter Ascending, should the filmmaking pair really have gone ahead with more sci-fi, even if in this different format and scale? In a short while we will be seeing the reaction, and I also have viewed some episodes so I come back to this soon. I do hope that it will be a good show, as I am a fan of their work when it does work well it can still be spectacular.