Right, I have watched the very latest sequel in the franchise that many might have prefered to have died off a very long time back now. Some of you might not even be aware of this new addition in the series, other might have already heard terrible things about it.

In the past decade or more there have been a number of weak sequels to the HELLRAISER movies, many known to be just spec scripts with PINHEAD thrown in somewhere, thus making it a HELLRAISER film. Fast and cheap, ready for the loyal fanbase who will garuanteed still want to see something with the name on it.

Well a couple of those previous sequels were not so bad at times I believe, HELLRAISER:INFERNO AND HELLSEEKER being quite good. This latest though, already some are touting as the worse in a long time.

One of the main shocking controversies is the hiring of a new unknown actor in the role of PINHEAD.

So then, the movie itself does come back down to basics, again. Very likely due to minimal budget, it also has only a few locations but that does not immediately make a film bad. It follows two young friends who drive over the American boarder to Mexico, and looking for a good time, things go badly wrong soon enough. This is revealed to us from their hand-held camera footage, as flashbacks throughout the film. In the present, their friends and families are worried as the young men have dissapeared. There are secrets and tensions between them all, and then one of the you men returns…

I do actually think it honestly is a reasonably good effort, and is arguably better than some of the previous sequels quite significantly. Yes, it has a low budget once more, but they use it well, and they movie revolves around the characters, and basic situation, utilising drama and fear well. It is more bloody, gory and darkly terrifying than other sequels, and seems much more like a true whole horror movie because of that.

With the drama and revelations in the tale, and much of the gore, it does quite obviously resemble the very first movie and second in a number of ways, and this is simply a good result.

Do not take the warning to strongly in the negative reviews so far-this new HELLRAISER sequel is worth seeing, and might prove that there could still be life in the evil little franchise with PINHEAD for a while yet.

And yes, the new PINHEAD himself-who could dare to follow the amazing DOUG BRADLEY? This younger brave actor does put in a credible performance. Not perfect for sure, could have been more restrained, menacing, but he served the part in an surprisingly entertaining movie.