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Damaged Comics-Pages of fun and fear

It is not too often that I write about or review many comicbooks here but let me tell you briefly about a small comicbook company from the UK which produces an imaginative and original variety of titles.

Damaged Comics is the creation of comic writer Dave McCluskey who works with a number of comic artists and illustrators . His main comic title which he has been very passionate about is Interesting Tymes. This is a homage to kids comics from the 1970’s/80’s and comes over like a mix of Beano or Dandy with Tales from the Crypt of some of the famous American horror comics. Think of the Beano characters living with the Addams Family and your are close. Its a fun and cheeky ghoulish title, which kids can enjoy and adults will have a good laugh over as well.

In the last couple of years though Damaged Comics have expanded and produced a very impressive and varied selection of comic titles. McCluskey does say that his own love of writing in comics is mostly in horror and often comedy styles and this comes through well, and there are not too many comic companies right now makes titles like Interesting Tymes which is kind of a shame but gives Damaged Comics an advantage.

There is much more on offer and recently I have had a chance to read some of the various titles.

Deathday Presents… have a slightly retro 80’s comic style, looking like a twisted version of Dungeons & Dragons which soon gives us some gruesome monster characters but also starts to lead into a good teen comic adventure tale.

There are now a number of very distinct and impressive mature horror/thriller titles from Damaged Comics. There is The Few which a take on sci-fi/zombie thriller stories. It features a very detailed hand drawn comic style, more focused deeper character and story work.

The other even more brutal horror title-and I really mean brutal- is Sick B***ards-which is actually adapted by a story from extreme horror author Matt Shaw. From the first page, this really is not for the faint of heart or weak stomached but surprisingly goes on to open up a chilling and disturbing tale which challenges the reader.

Damaged Comics have a number of other entertaining titles available which you can find at their website and facebook page. Dave McCluskey often also can be found promoting the new titles at comic conventions around the UK.

I also must mention that they have been working hard and produced two very good festive themed longer graphic novels available now for Christmas. One is a funny Beano/Brit comic style version of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol, which features some great comic writing from Dave. They also have a new title called OLF, which follows the fun adventures of Father Christmas and his reindeer. I was actually very surprised at how great this one is, and I would really recommend it for small kids around this time of year. They will love it, some really funny dialogue and bright fun festive artwork.



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