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My new science fiction book Minerva Century was published just a couple of weeks ago, and I will look at another aspect of the book here.

In the story, the human race has had to leave Earth after a final ultimate global war. Perhaps it was not the right time, things may not have been quite ready, but as many of the human race had to flee as possible while they could.

In the book, eventually humankind relocates to a new planet which they name Minerva, and a new kind of society begins. The population attempt to start fresh, keeping the good, positive things, rejecting things which may have been causing too many problems for decades or centuries on Earth.

So in our real life, if we do ever leave Earth in large numbers, will we be ready?

Will be move to a better place? What if we relocate to somewhere much worse?

If we move, will we find alien life and live alongside it?

Will we have to change dramatically in order to survive out in the galaxy?


James E.Parsons is author of Minerva Century out now in paperback/ebook/hardback from Waterstones, Amazon, Foyles and other bookshops. His first book Orbital Kin is also available.



Author of science fiction novels Orbital Kin and Minerva Century-also horror, literary fiction, many short stories and screenplays. Always reading, writing, watching films, playing guitar/bass, and am a husband with a coffee addiction. New horror novel due for 2017. This is my blog, offshoot from my website. It will be where I post current thoughts, opinions, views, reviews, or discussions about contemporary film, movies, books, video games, television series mostly in the horror, science fiction, fantasy and their sub-genre offshoots. The entertainment not in the mainstream (for the most part) and proud of it. Also follow me on twitter- @ParsonsFiction, and facebook - James E Parsons

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