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That Tardis time of year…

Finally the months have passed around once more, and here we are now with a new series of Doctor Who. This is the second with older Doctor played by Peter Capaldi, and with that first series gone and done, we hope he can relax into his own focused version of what the character might be.

Many people did think that in that first series with Capaldi, he came across as a strange and uncomfortable mix of confused, depressed and anxious, which just did not seem like the Doctor that most people knew and loved. But then, this is an older actor, older Doctor (visually at least) and after Tennant and Matt Smith.

We are now at the third episode of this series and well, there is obvious change. The first dramatic and fun two-part tale was really great, uniting the Doctor and Clara with Missy, and confronting Davros and the Daleks. This was a fantastic way to start things, many great lines of dialogue and great performances generally I think.

There have been a few slight but noticable changes with Capaldi-Who I observe. Hair style a little more ruffled, character possibly more fun, assured, care-free so far.

One big continued issue with many Whovians has been how prominent Clara has been over the last couple of series, almost taking over the show, some believed. That is possibly an over reaction, but it has been good to see such a confident young female character alongside the lead male, with many regular monents of triumph, courage and opinion. Is it really so bad that we have such a confident, modern companion currently?

So there has been change to the Doctor so far this year, we should wait to see what comes next. When will the sonic sunglasses come out again?



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One response to “That Tardis time of year…

  1. sjhigbee

    Yes, I really, really want to see more of the sonic sunglasses. I’ve found the Peter Capaldi version uncomfortable viewing. I WANTED an older man to be able to nail the role – but both David Tennant and Matt Smith are tough acts to follow. Both brimful of charisma and that particular bounce that comes with being in the prime of life. While Capaldi possesses his own charm, he certainly doesn’t have the sheer screen presence of the former two Doctors. I haven’t yet given up on him, but I am aware that I don’t watch with the same silly grin of happiness on my face that Tennant and Smith engendered. And I have an uneasy sense that he is struggling to cope with some of the daft storylines that encapsulates the Dr Who experience.

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