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The trailers for this very increasingly anticipated new DC Comics movie adaptation have been out over the internet for a few weeks now, and they have caused all kinds of reaction.

At a time when Marvel studios is dominating world-wide cinema box-office success practically every year now with films including like ever returning and continually popular comic legends Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and less known but almost just as popular characters such as Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man now; the cinematic output from DC Comics/Warners has been problematic and tentative for the last few years.

The Green Lantern movie had a huge budget but just generally bombed on release which quickly made DC rethink their options. Soon after they hooked up with infamous flashy and at times controversial director Zack Snyder-director of the Watchmen film but also Suckerpunch-who then took up the challenge of offering the world a new vision of Superman.

The rivals Marvel set up their cinematic universe, successful movie after another successful movie, and land the biggest hit with the first Avengers movie. It became very quickly one of the most successful movies ever released.

To save the day for DC/Warner films came the Superman/Man of Steel movie. Some how the trailer actually did really surprise all of us. The key thing here was that even while Zack Snyder was director which could lead to the film making no sense and being very simplistic, it was overseen by Chris Nolan as his own Batman trilogy ended.

While there were a few dumb and confused moments through the film, Man of Steel was a brave and bombastic movie, giving audiences one of the most visually stunning visions of Superman to ever be seen on screen. Overall, this did suggest that now DC could finally challenge Marvel on the big screen.

A long list of DC comic film adaptations were revealed to match the similar list Marvel had planned aiming all the way toward 2020 so far. Like Marvel, DC/WarnerBros. set up their own double movie epic for a few years from now, set to see all of the individual DC heroes collected together as they as known in the comics as Justice League.

Before any more of the new DC hero movies are released, they are putting out the surprise villain supergroup movie Suicide Squad. Does this make much sense? Is it one big middle finger in the direction of Marvel Studios?

Suicide Squad is of course adapted in some level from the DC comicbook of the same name. At this point in 2015 after dozens upon dozens of popular but increasing predictable and formulaic superhero movies, perhaps this comicbook adaptation could be just the right thing for potential cynical cinema audiences. They villainous characters are corrupt, dangerous, nasty individuals and all kinds of devious events could take place with such a volatile group pulled to work together. Now that does sound different and maybe worth seeing.

Probably the character included in the movie which has had the largest number of people fanatically excited has been Harley Quinn, played by Margot Robbie. The saucy female sidekick to the Joker has been a huge favourite for cosplay fans for a few years now, and there are a number of distinct versions of the character which some fans prefer over others. In this movie, she has been given largely urban, casual street style, though she still has a visible clownish look, with her white powdered face, make-up and bleached and dyed hair. The character is much loved by female comicbook fans, she could be possibly very interesting on screen if written and acted well. Besides Quinn, the other main draws are Will Smith as Deadshot, and with the most mixed fan response Jared Leto as the first actor to play the Joker on the big screen since Heath Ledger.

So with this film taking a different path with villains instead of heroes (although it seems Batman will be showing up in the movie) could this be a strong step ahead for comicbook films now?

Could we about to see more comicbook villains and misfits on the big screen soon? We already now have a very cool cheeky and wild Deadpool trailer, so this could be the start of more unusual comicbook movies to rival the regular macho clean-cut characters we often see.



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