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So Winona says yes along with Burton.

It seems Tim Burton just casually dropped a definite yes during a fairly recent interview for some other project when asked about the regular rumours of the possibly sequel to one of the most bizarre but cult late 80’s movies, and his own breakthrough film.

Both Burton and Michael Keaton have agreed that they would reunite if a good enough screenplay was written, and a new version has been in the works over the last year or more we can believe. But now also Winona Ryder admits that she certainly would love to be involved again, and so arguably the three strongest elements linked to the original Beetlejuice film are ready to go.

But just what kind of sequel should we expect?

Beetlejuice was one truly very different, nutty, kooky, strange, fun and crazy movie. Not really a kids movie, not totally a horror movie. It was some kind of comedy, horror mash-up-it largely defined the style of Tim Burton just before he went on to direct the totally massive scale 80’s gothic Batman movie, which also hired Michael Keaton, straight after Beetlejuice which confused and almost enraged many comic fans.

I must have first seen Beetlejuice when I was around eight or nine and went on to rent the video many, many times until I got my own copy. I then watch that VHS tape so many times over the years until it was time for a dvd update.

Very many years back, in the early 90’s I remember that there were rumours of a Beetlejuice sequel, possibly around ideas of the character going on vacation, possibly to Hawaii or his married life. Very strange, but then so was the character.

Now we are actually decades since the original movie, the actors and director are much older. Would they produce a film with the same kind of wild acting, script and style? Would it seem forced or contrived?

There was even a spin-off animated Beetlejuice cartoon series in the mid-90’s, and this showed that there were of course plenty of mad adventures for the character to have, even if that was for saturday mornings and not rated 15.

In this day and age, maybe we do need a Beetlejuice movie. I could joke about how keaton would need less make-up now, and the script could possibly play around with popular horror themes, poke fun at things like The Walking Dead, zombies, vampires and other monsters riding high in pop culture today. It may be only a short while until we see that sleazy, cranky old ghost with the most again. Say it three times if ya dare…



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