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Here we are again with another version of Marvel comics Fantastic Four hitting our cinema screens.

Many people were not very satisfied with the two previous big screen F.F. films which had taken decades to reach cinemas after so many years of studio problems and the time just never being right until the last decade or so.

Were those two previous movie really so bad?

This weekend we get another version, and from the very first pictures and trailers it has divided fans and cinema audiences. Are the actors too young? Does the tone seem much too dark for this particular comic-book adaptation?

The reviews are coming in and so far they do not seem too great. There even seems some mention of the director suggesting that his cut of the movie is not the one out there, and that version may have been much better that what we will see. Could that be true?

I am all up for filmmakers changing things, taking a story from new angles and finding some different view to develop. The feeling of being let down here may come from those who believed that the previous two Fantastic Four movies were just what they should have been. We could see this new reboot as a radical alternative view of the characters from that classic Marvel comic-and why not?

As those two goofy, colourful previous F.F. movies came just before the mighty Marvel studio began the non-stop journey to mega-box-office success ever since, they were still attempting to find the right tone, attitude after the Sam Raimi Spiderman films but probably required better effects. But then, when they added Silver Surfer in the second movie he was a very stunning result, but sadly Galactus became a gigantic smog cloud or rain storm, which totally let down all fans.

Can this new Fantastic Four rise above all of that? Should that change have been so very drastic and different to before?

I may just go see Antman again…



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