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I’ve recently seen the first images of Bruce Campbell reprising his most iconic role as Ash in the new spin-off television series Ash Vs Evil Dead, filming now and due on screens soon.

I had previously seen some of the early poster artwork, and was mildly interested. I think that I like many others, may have gone with the idea that Campbell was simply going to appear at the start of the show or series very briefly but now I have also watched an on-line interview where he actually reassures us that he really is again the main character and the show returns to meet and older but still highly entertaining and goofy hero in a world with supernatural evil creeping up around him.

The show now also gives lead man Ash two younger friends who he will be sort of training up to combat the deadites, if he does not accidentally kill himself or them first.

So the show now thankfully really does look to possibly be good fun, plus it does have original Evil Dead director Sam Raimi helping to produce it. We never did get Evil Dead 4, but this show could very hopefully make up for that.

This has also got me thinking about others old cult horror films which might be good adapted to small screen. We are getting a few things like this now of course, such as Hannibal, Bates Motel and more but some of the more gore filled bloody fare could also be worth seeing.

So which ones?

Well some of my own favourite horror movies include Hellraiser, Texas Chainsaw, Hills Have Eyes, Dario Argento and Romero films. Some of these could maybe result in some interesting things when given an hour each week, or even put into a short mini series such as we now get on Netflix or Amazon.

Hellraiser could focus on a different house, home or place where the box appears each week or where the Cenobites turn up for different reasons.

Texas chainsaw series could be perhaps a little similar to The Walking Dead in setting at least, following some deep-fried American Texas law enforcers on the trail of mystery chainsaw killers, uncovering the depraved legacy of bloody death.

If some Dario Argento films were adapted to small screen, they could maybe take his Giallo mystery thriller style with something like CSI or NCSI detective series, but add in a spooky occult or monster twist behind it all.

We could see these kind of things happen I think, give it a few years or less. We already have successful bloody shows such as American Horror Story and Penny Dreadful, and films adapted to small screen regularly. The classic monster creepshow times are here.



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