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Terminator Genisys Movie-This time he really is back

So now after many months of regular confusion, suspicion and fan apprehension we get this latest bizarre movie in the sci-fi franchise which has had a good many ups and downs over the decades. It would seem possibly ever since the series picked up again attempting to follow up after the massive commercial success of T2:Judgement Day with Terminator 3:Rise of the machines, it has continually had mixed results and harsh responses from die-hard fans and regular cinema audiences and has never really hit the right balance. So T3 did receive a huge backlash, and while it was not all deserved, it was a film which started really well but fell to pieces before the half way point and by the end became such a sad waste and dissapointment. It gave us a pretty great crazed female terminator, a few break-neck paced action sequences but held back on what we were really hoping to see. The machines did not rise-well, a handful of small laughable ones. The actor playing John Connor was a terrible choice as well. A few years passed, Arnie became the Govornator in America, while on the small screen we actually had a really great Terminator spin-off show The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Sadly this lasted only two seasons, at a time when more and more new shows were appearing and dropping off on a regular basis. It should have lasted much longer. Not too long after we lost this, the next bold and defiant Terminator sequel movie exploded onto cinema screens. This one finally did decide to take us right into the future, to reveal to us the actual world of John Connor and the apocalyptic and wild ravaged times of man against machines and Skynet which so many fans had been desperate to see much more of ever since the first film. Terminator:Salvation looked spectacular, it had so many fantastic and thunderous scenes, it did almost seem like this was it-this time we were really getting what was had been missing ever since the first film, what had only ever been briefly teased. No, it all came to us in such a terrible way. We had Christian Bale so should have been great right? No, that didn’t do much good either, as he was below his usual standards, also because the actual lead actor was more wooden than Keanu Reeves has ever been in any of his movies. The script was fairly dull, predictable, even sexist and disjointed. It was such a waste. Are these repeated failures simply due to original director of the series James Cameron not being there to add his personal touch? This year, we have the next instalment in the series. The reviews are now gradually trickling in today, but responses may not be great already. I cannot speculate an opinion, but it has certainly seemed a very confused film from the various trailers. I am fairly sure that I do just about understand the basic plot premise-an alternate time-line, some similar terminator bonding like we saw in T2 and a young Sarah instead of John, in what mostly looks like T2 again. Well it was T2 which worked so very well, so can we now blame Hollywood for rehashing that particular sequel finally? I really would like this new Terminator movie to work-okay, lets just put aside the matter of Arnie as a T-800 having aged into his sixties as a terminator for one thing-as we really could still have some great sequels in this well loved movie series I think. Some of the trouble may come from the fact that the Sarah Connor tv series was so good that it may have been great to possibly have seen that transfered to the big screen instead. However this new movie turns out to be on screen, a future still needs to be saved.



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