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Movie Review: ‘Ex Machina’

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ex machina 2Plot:  Programmer Caleb Smith (Domhnal Gleeson) works for Bluebook, the most used search engine in the entire world.  When he’s chosen by reclusive Bluebook founder Nathan Bateman (Oscar Isaac) to spend a week at his secluded estate in the mountains, Caleb is intrigued.  Soon he discovers that Nathan is working on something even more important than a search engine–artificial intelligence.  Moreover, Nathan wants Caleb to help prove that A.I. Ava (Alicia Vikander) is the real deal.  But are Nathan’s intentions truly altruistic or do secret, darker motives drive him?

Review:  Somewhere inside Ex Machina is a fantastic movie waiting to be unleashedIt’s just too bad director Alex Garland and company weren’t able to realize Ex Machina‘s full potential.  Uneven pacing, sub par acting (especially by Gleeson), and a plot-line so slow to develop that it challenges R2D2 traversing an oil slick covered glacier for deliberateness, Ex Machina proves a science fiction…

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