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Right here in the UK, I think it looks like the new movie sequel/prequel/reboot (whatever) Terminator Genisys is due in our cinemas in around three weeks from now. I’ll be honest, it has taken me a long while to develpe much interest in this movie even while being a big fan of the Terminator franchise.

When first pieces of news and rumours started to slip out around social media about this new Terminator film, I like many people was quickly skeptical and jaded. Let’s face it-look at the previous two movies which never totally convinced or satisfied fans.

Many of us much just think ‘why are they doing this yet again, if not just for some easy cash?’

There can often be various reasons why we get more dumb predictable sequels to well loved or classic movies. We had very high hopes for Terminator 3, but it fell to pieces half way through even while it did have some very cool stunts and scenes early on.

A few years passed, with more videogames, comics and stories inspired by the Terminator movies and suggesting yet again what fans might really like to see on screen but never had. When the next new sequel did arrive, it actually seemed like we might just have been getting what made sense and what we all wanted for a long time.

Terminator:Salvation came with huge style, set in the future times of John Connor and the robot wars. There were again some very great stunts, great robots machines designed and even some of the script was fairly good but mostly (for me personally) the acting was almost overall dreadful and some it just was not how it should have been, as if it had not really had the good final draft it needed before being filmed.

So now in 2015, we will have Terminator Genisys, and this time it all goes crazy. Oh yes, in perhaps seeing how audiences reacted to T-Salvation, we are getting yet another flip around take on the terminator tale, this time the origin story of the first film being possibly mixed up with more alternate future changes returning onto our present time.

Now in this movie, Sarah Connor does reappear but she is much younger, and we get John Connor as well-but possibly not how we might hope or expected him to be. Yes it seems the filmmakers are taking a good few bold chances with this one, maybe it is because the recognize that there is a strong loyal fanbase waiting to see something intelligent and challenging done with the Terminator story.

Is that what we are getting this time? Should we even get our hopes up this time?

If you have seen the trailers for Terminator Genisys so far, you might, like many people have been thinking…WHAT…THE…HECK? JUST…WHAT??

Does it all looks quickly far too confusing, or was it the fact that they seemed to have just taken all of the bits and pieces we know and like from the Terminator films and squeezed them in, with some slightly cringe worthy changes.

At this point, does the spin-off tv series Sarah Connor Chronicles look much better than this? (That series was of course, very, very cool.)

Like many modern big budget Hollywood trailers, did they show us far too much too soon?

As most of us still see Terminator 2 as the peak of this science fiction movies series, and while Salvation did give us something we had been waiting to see for many years still something was missing. In a few weeks, we will see just how far is too far this time for the Terminator movies.



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  1. sjhigbee

    A great article – and I totally agree, especially set against the background of the very well done and slick ‘Sarah Connor Chronicles’. I’m probably going to give this one a miss in the cinema and wait to see it on TV. If it misses as badly as I fear, then it somehow doesn’t looks so dreadfully awful on the little screen and I haven’t wasted so much of my hard-earned cash…

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