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The Martian Film Trailer-A Hero Alone

Today I watched the new trailer for the anticipated new science fiction film from veteran great director Ridley Scott (while he should also be spending time working on new Blade Runner/Aliens/Prometheus films) which is adapted from the recent successful novel of same name.

I am not too sure about what I may have been expecting or hoping to see, and I have not read the book yet. This is a film which may hold a number or subtle surprises hopefully but I do get the impression that it is arriving after the huge success of films Gravity and more recently Interstellar, and so it needs to be different but seems similar enough to them.

This is a Ridley Scott film, and he is of course arguably most well known for his genre defining Alien and Blade Runner science fiction films, and so in some ways I would really love this film to be much more of a pulp ‘sci-fi’ movie. This in mind, that could go too close to Prometheus for many, which gathered many extreme mixed responses when it arrived.

This new film is also inspired or adapted from a previously written novel, though it could drift away from it in some ways, be that a good or bad thing. While we wait to see just what kind of controversial results we get with the Blade Runner and Prometheus sequels, Scott will offer us this interesting film, with a tale of one man who must survive Mars alone.



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One response to “The Martian Film Trailer-A Hero Alone

  1. sjhigbee

    Ooo! I LOVED the book and will definitely be up for seeing the film. If it’s as HALF as good as the book, it will be worth watching… But then, I grew up reading, re-reading and watching the TV adaptation of ‘Robinson Crusoe’ – and Weir clearly used Defoe’s approach to start the narrative about his stranded astronaut…

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