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The Water Knife – Paolo Bacigalupi

New book from one of the very successful modern SF authors…

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In his first novel, The Windup Girl, Paolo Bacigalupi created a bleak future world with which to highlight issues around sustainability and genetic modification. Continuing the theme of big issues, in his latest book, The Water Knife, he turns his attention to water scarcity and how America would cope without a plentiful supply of H2O. Another bleak, alternative world, where drought is the norm and individual States battle to maintain their grip on the few sources of water still remaining, it’s a powerful and scarily believable concept.

Set largely in water-starved Phoenix, Arizona, the story is told through the eyes of three people from wildly different social statuses – a journalist choosing to live through the city’s death throes, searching for the real story in its downfall; a young woman scraping a living on the barely-tolerated fringes of society, dreaming of a way out; and a Water Knife –…

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