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Space is the place…where it ends for now

Hello, how are you all doing right about now at the end of April 2015?

Are we doing good? All kinds of weather, all kinds of moods and feelings even just in the last week or so.

So I have been away from here for a while, my apologies. The main real reason is that I have been focusing on finishing my all new full length science fiction novel. I can now thankfully tell you all that it is just about done. Just a few very small pieces to add or take but this is it.

What can I tell you about this all-new sci-fi tale? Well it is not a sequel to Orbital Kin, as many have been asking me for a while. There be one or two books connected to that tale at some point but not right now.

This new tale moves further ahead from Orbital Kin. The entire tale is set out in space, many more years into our future. Mankind has moved from this planet, but our habits, our weaknesses and temptations follow us…

So a short break is due soon I would think. Two more book wait patiently for me to return to them-one of them my first horror tale still to be published but it certainly will be. Perhaps in this year some new short fiction-sci-fi shorts this time maybe and looking over the many ideas, concepts and other thoughts which offer new tales and stories to be known and written down. For now, expect a few new posts up on this humble blog here…see you soon



Author of science fiction novels Orbital Kin and Minerva Century-also horror, literary fiction, many short stories and screenplays. Always reading, writing, watching films, playing guitar/bass, and am a husband with a coffee addiction. New horror novel due for 2017. This is my blog, offshoot from my website. It will be where I post current thoughts, opinions, views, reviews, or discussions about contemporary film, movies, books, video games, television series mostly in the horror, science fiction, fantasy and their sub-genre offshoots. The entertainment not in the mainstream (for the most part) and proud of it. Also follow me on twitter- @ParsonsFiction, and facebook - James E Parsons

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