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All kinds of trailers with blockbuster and Hulkbuster heroes…

So just to get back into the flow of blog time again, I will post up a short piece or two about some of the big recent geek/nerd/sci-fi/comic/film news we have witnessed in recent weeks.

So this very week, the wait is finally over and here in the UK we can all go crazy and see the mega-movie that is AVENGERS:AGE OF ULTRON. What were you hoping to see? Will it live up to expectations? Will it be better than the previous Avengers film?

These days we tend to regularly get almost thalf a dozen teaser trailers for these event Hollywood flicks, and I think I had to hold back from seeing the last one or two for Avengers if I am right. People joke that sometimes we can almost stitch together the many teaser trailers for films like Avengers, Mad Max, Hobbit etc and make the entire movie before visiting a local cinema.

What else have we had? Well of course the most significant and geek-melting teaser was that very awesome looking new Star Wars teaser-short but it had so much to make us happy and be very hopeful for next Christmas. I think they probably did choose the best director for the job now.

Around the same time, we then were offered a new teaser and then another for the next new Terminator film-Terminator Genisys. Now I don’t know what you may have been thinking about the early ideas tossed out for this one, but seeing the first glimpse of it, there is much to be confused or even angry about possibly. Like taking some of the highlights from the first two Terminator movies, reshooting them with younger new actors…but then a few epic and explosive visuals do suggest some big stylish time-travel action with it all.

There have been trailers for the new Mad Max:Fury Road movie around for a while now and well, it is just gargantuan post-apocalyptic action stunts huge scale with warrior cars as usual. I’m it will be stunning if that is all you really want or expect from a new Mad Max flick.

Finally just a few days back, we had our first real taste of the new Batman-V-Superman:Dawn of Justice movie. This is the one which will provoke serious reaction in comic-addicts and movie fans. It offers our first sight of the new Affleck Batman, post-Bale style. Does it seem much different? Should he be?

We have the same actor playing Superman of course, but the way the trailer was interesting was due to the direction in storyline it suggested. Yes, it is likely to be mostly a film where Bats and Supes simply smash eachother up for around two hours, but they are also setting up and building a DC Comics cinematic world, paving the road leading toward the Justice League movies and other DC character films over the next few years. This teaser trailer is saying- ‘Hey Marvel, just you wait…think you have it all to yourselves? We can do cinema just as good or better…just you wait’.

Well in around a year of less we will find out. But then we have also had recent images of Jared Leto as the new Joker and well…what is going on there? Just…what?



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