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National Libraries Day-Reading is living…

Today in the Uk we have National Libraries Day. This is at a time when we are regularly reading, hearing and seeing news about many local and national libraries closing down and seriously struggling due to the recession and financial cuts.
Many of our libraries are seeing most or some of their staff cut or dropped, and many that communities have visited and known all their lives now closing down.
Many people may not go along to their local libraries often these days- there are so many things in our lives that can distract and entertain us, from our phones, internet, video games, television and more- and some people may have the view that libraries are increasingly irrelevant in modern times. This is not exactly true I think.
The main city library where I live in Manchester has only just reopened after a few years, and it is now a truly stunning hugely modern state-of-the-art place, full of many kinds of interactive touch screen tables, screens, archives, bookshelves and much more. Alright, this one cost a heck of huge sum of money and it had been planned and in the works for a long while.
What do we need libraries for today?
Same as always and more-they offer access to many kinds of books-fiction to non-fiction, borrow, browse, borrow again for free. Meet others who like to read, chat about books, writers, get away from the noise and action of the shops and our lives for some quiet time.
There is talk of reworking libraries in order to save them- add a coffee shop counter, some food stalls, music or other things (is that the kind of thing needed or suitable?)
Whatever your reason for going along now or in the past or again, libraries have always offered great things for society- education, information, escape in stories. Go along to your local libraries now, show some support and love books today and in future.



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    This is sooo important. We have a moarvellous library system in this country and we MUST fight to hang onto them…

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