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Another film from my Halloween week ‘Horror film after breakfast’ was this nasty, filthy little creep-show. This one is inspired by the comic-book series of the same name from Imperium comics, and tragic darkly comic horror flick. We see the pretty young Norma, desperate to get out of the sleazy dead-end trailer park, watched by creepy local sleaze balls and leering creeps. Her charming boyfriend from out of town arrives to propose and take her away finally, but quickly he is killed off, and no body around her seems to care. Soon enough Norma takes a brutal revenge out on all the dirty, filthy creeps who killed her boyfriend, but she too died a horrible death.

Cut to the present day, and again a gang of usual young teens, this time driving across America on a Christian missionary help retreat. There is a goth girl, a pot head, a weird girl not too pretty, a slutty girl and a horny porn-addicted guy. They get lost as rain comes down, and the church youth pastor decides to eventually look in at the nearby trailer park for help…

At times it feel like a greasy and dirty mix up of Texas Chainsaw, Hills have eyes and Creepshow movies. They meet the helpful and entertaining Norma, who quickly encourages them to spend the night until they can safely leave. They kids go off to sleep in separate trailers, and as the dark clouds and times moves on, disturbing things arise.

This is a wild and crazy zombie horror dark comedy, and with the tragic tale of Norma established, the teens gradually encounter the undead trailer-park trash who Norma leads as the deaths and slaughter spreads. The zombie trailer dead-beats crack jokes, fall to pieces, pull themselves together, chase the screaming bunch of youths around the trailer park until dawn.

With the sad tale of Norma, it has more heart than Texas Chainsaw, but there are many unhinged and wicked scenes of death and terror along with zombie visual gags. One of them even plays guitar standing on a trailer while the bloodshed takes place, cackling from above. It may be just a little to familiar to many other teen slashers at times, but there are some very bizarre and memorable creepy characters and some great rockin’ zombie tunes through this mad horror flick. .



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