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So over Halloween a couple of weeks ago, I tried to catch up with just a few of the mounting horror films gathering around my dvd player. In recent times I have collected up a few odd curiosities which are not the most popular or infamous but ones which I have wanted to see for some reason or other.

This splatter flick is a loose remake of one of the ‘video nasties’ from a couple of decades back-a classic cheapo low budget, big splatter flick, with pretty bad acting and script but strange and memorable plot and effects at the time. I did see the original a while ago, and yes it was a strange bizarre movie, fairly cheap and inoffensive today, but I could see how it was put along with the many others in the nasty pack.

The big draw of this comedy horror as cackling creepy nightmare legend Robert Englund from A Nightmare on Elmstreet fame. It starts out like many regular teen slasher movies-group of slacker teens travel along on motorway, get lost, stop at truck stop, fill up on gas and then drive along into very strange backwoods old town. This is where all the corny red-neck jokes start, and just keep coming. The town is a mix of Amish and redneck inbred hillbilly types, at first seeming very stupid, clueless, simple and ignorant. The young sexy teens mock them a little, get all horny and eventually one goes missing. The splatter begins as the missing horny girl is pulled to pieces by four horses as hill-billies laugh and watch.

As the backwoods jokes and gags continue, one by one, each next horny teens disappears. The townsfolk are preparing for their regular annual big festival event with yes…mystery BBQ for all. It does feel like it might have really been made in the late 80’s/early 90’s, but the crude splatter puns and black comedy horror gags are exactly the right fit for Robert Englund. He crops up every once in a while, casually warning the out of town teens to be respectful of their town ways, and be sure to enjoy the festivities and might fine food planned for all soon…

It is gruesome, darkly funny, bizarre, at times predictable but trashy splatter gore fun all the way. If you loved your 80’s comedy horror with buckets of blood splashed here and there, bad pun jokes and visual gags-usually around severed heads, etc this one is for you.



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