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Dread, full of blood…

Over the last couple of weeks I have been gradually catching up with the lastest big budget creepy tv series Penny Dreadful. Now, when I first saw pictures and heard about it many months back, I was not too interested or did not expect very much at all from it.
A couple of episodes in and…Oh…my…god…
What the heck are these writers doing?
No, this is good, really good overly dramatic splattered gore chills and gothic thrills and creeps. Alright so when I learn that the show throws together a handful of classic mostly well known gothic literary characters, much like Alan Moore’s The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen I had some doubts. I has not all been fantastic-at times it has dragged, slowed down, seeming slightly lost with plot or direction. But when it kicks off and shacks loose…wow. It gets like Dracula meets the Evil Dead movies.
Really I already admired Eva Green, but she really must have put herself through so much for her extremely challenging, demanding role. Good to also know that Timothy Dalton can still be quite great at times, as an older actor and post-Bond. The Frankenstein character and his monster might not be working totally well, but it still has some moments.
I do look forward to the next series, but am almost really guessing as to just what could happen and where it could all go next.



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