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In January we will see the publishing of a 5 part short comic book series written by horror film legend George A Romero as he works with the Daredevil artist Alex Maleev on a series titled Empire of the Dead. He is bringing his regular creeping zombie hoards onto the comic book pages for the first time, and seems to be loving the idea. There are due to be some interesting surprises over the short run, but the zombie will of course not run through the streets. This is Romero remember.

So I now stop and think, hey if a classic genre legend like Mr Romero can happily adapt over to the comicbook medium, then would it be a really great thing to see a few other well respected directors jump into comicbooks for a short run? A couple have done so over the last couple of decades including Clive Barker-now back and writing new Hellraiser tales in that comic spin-off, and then Guillermo del Toro. This new short series is obviously inspired by the cross-over success of The Walking Dead, which began as a cult comic series a few years back now.

I might like to see such film directors as Dario Argento with his hallucinogenic dream horror, maybe Eli Roth and his grissly gore attacks, Cronenberg with his famous body horror, maybe Ti West with his nerve-tearing chills. Many can often view horror comics (and simply comic books) as immature and probably not capable of real scares, but as a different artform, comics are visual, and work in a similar way to some of these film directors, building suspense and terror, image by image. There really could be some seriously terrifying comicbook tales possible if this new Romero series proves a popular one in a few months from now.





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