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This week we finally got to see a much more satisfying longer real trailer for THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN 2, even thought we still will have many months to wait. The hype and build up really begins now.

Having already been given a shorter teaser revealing the sinister Electro to us, this full proper trailer offers up many more dramatic images and scenes. Having seen the first Amazing Spiderman film at the cinema, thought not immediately on release, I had mixed thoughts on it. The film gave us a more sleek and stylized version of the Marvel Spidey world, but I was still as expected underwhelmed by the overall acting of the new lead and the direction was just not as snappy or frenetic as that of the mighty Sam Raimi.

The Raimi Spiderman trilogy ended abruptly, where it might have continued on. There were a number of villains and story arcs which were left unexplored and in this fresh version of the franchise, they may finally be opened up and splashed over the big screens.

With the first new Spiderman movie I was impressed with the souped up visuals, the effects and largely the direction and  use of the Lizard villain, even if he really was not as amazing as he should have easily been.

Now with this new trailer for the second film in the suggested series, there are a number of things which tease that we-and the many, many serious Spidey fans-might soon, in a film or two down the road, see the infamous Sinister Six. From the Spiderman comics, this includes most of his challenging and wild villians coming together against him.

After seeing what the Marvel film studios have done with The Avengers and then the confused steps of the various DC comics movies and X-Men series, so many characters squeezed into one single movie may work or could end up a total mess.

This current trend with dozens of superheros and villains packed into one lengthy movie came from the Batman franchise I think, but as film effects have advanced, and cinema audiences have been observed and marketed, we then had the X-MEN films and Blade series and more, each time another one or two characters added into a screenplay. Not always a really bad thing, but many still see Spiderman 3 as a disjointed mess and more recently there was IRON MAN 2 which fragmented up a film in order to set up the expected Avengers movie.

With all of that in mind then, if in a couple of years from now there will arrive a Spiderman movie with a huge gang of villains ready to knock him down, will that also just be unbearable to see? Or could it actually give us the reverse Avengers effect, with a dozen evil characters to watch and probably a couple of other heros up there with Spiderman to lend some help?

The film studio I expect would love to see some Avengers sized box-office, but time will tell. Nuff said…






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