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So then, the movie.

I had seen some trailers, knew a little of what was coming, but from the very begining of the movie I was fairly surprised. I was honestly impressed with the very detailed depiction of Krypton, never before seen on the big screen in such stunning ways and to such an extent. Then we had Russell Crowe as the father of Superman. Not always a huge fan of his acting, but he was not so bad here.

This was a new version of Superman, but it still was starting over from scratch once again. It was showing us the birth and journey of Superman, the destruction of Krypton, which had only previously been fleetingly seen. It is certainly another very long Zack Snyder movie-they seem to just keep getting longer and longer- and it probably should have close to half an hour cut off somehow. Many of these fantastically designed scenes, directed sequences are at first stunning but do drag along at times.

Visually, this just is a really jaw dropping comic book fantasy tale. This is very much one of the best Superman films ever, and one of the best superhero movies as well I might suggest. There are admittedly some bad moments, some difficult or just wrong lines of dialogue I think.

Yes, it does throw in a good few Christ and religous moments and metaphors but I do not feel that these actually ruin things as much as they potentially could have. We know Superman is this kind of hero, always has been and should be. The pacing of the film seems to balance these elements well enough. The balance is also held between many various memories and flashbacks, which almost became very irritating but just about remained touching and emotional.

With this new Superman, there also came a fully threatening and extreme villain. Like the recent Star Trek reboot sequel, this is no new character, but an old one brushed down and depicted in an even more deranged way that previously. This is General Zod, military Krytponian megalomanic killer, hunting Superman through space.

He is absolutely a crazed, wild nutcase,  though political and ethical tensions are clearly placed early on, adding a clear level of tragedy to him.

Like the Marvel Avengers movie, the last 30/40 minutes of Man of Steel is an entirely over the top smack-down of truly epic levels, dozens upon dozens of skyscrapers and tall buildings shattered and smashed all over urban America, and it probably goes on so much longer than really needed. This could have ruined a film which up until then is reasonably very well written and acted, but thankfully the conclusion does still largely impress and round things off though not all who see the movie may agree entirely.

This is the movie that might be the real starting point for the still potential DC comics Justice League blockbuster movie, and it may just has given us very real new hope.



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