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I have now managed to see the the all new Zack Snyder Superman movie Man of Steel at the cinema finally after the first attempt was cut short when all of the shopping mall and cinema power went down. After reading a few reviews, knowing how many feel about Mr Snyder and his infamous style of overblown directing, I almost forgot about it. But I was persuaded and thankfully I entered the cinema again.

I say thankfully, which may sound wrong to some of you, but yes I do think that this new very altered, reworked and rebooted take on the Superman tale was worth the ticket price. I was not one of the most eager and rabid Superfans before the movie opened in cinemas a few weeks ago, but I have always enjoyed the character and most of the previous Superman movies.

This new movie comes around six years after the previous failed reboot of the franchise, which though admirable was just uninspiring overall and seemed unsure of where the character and series could go next after so many years since the last movie which featured Christopher Reeves (which also is not the most loved of the Superman movies by far).

Here though, after speculation and gossip it was announced that this new take would be directed by…yes, that was it…Zack Snyder. A successful ( sometimes, in some ways) director, known these days for his reliably epic and over dramatic movies and comic adaptations including Frank Miller’s 300, the long gestating Watchmen movie, and more recently the terribly narratively lacking but visually dazzling (of course) Suckerpunch, which garnered him some difficult criticism of the depiction of women in fantasy roles.

He is a modern cult director, specialising in vastly epic fantasy and stylised action movies, often now comic book adaptations. Many people do not like and are not often impressed by a continued lack of character and plot depth in his movies, though in some ways this should not always be entirely expected.

So Snyder took the helm as director of this new Superman movie, which was soon expressed to be a bold and very modern reboot. Given the general reaction to the last Superman movie, most of us thought that could be a great thing-but with Snyder directing?

While many of us were certainly very nervous about the next step in the cinematic history of one of the best known and oldest superhero icons ever, one very positive piece of information was offered eventually to calm us while the film was being produced. It was to be part written and produced by Chris Nolan, director of the recently staggeringly successful Batman trilogy of films.

So the visual directing style of Snyder coupled with the fine and thoughtful script writing of Nolan (and also regular superhero movie writer David S. Goyer) it then seemed much more like it could just maybe turn out to be some kind of stunning film. It also, almost had to be, given the rival pressure from Marvel comics/studios increasingly fantastic string of movies including the IRON MAN series, THOR, Captain America and then the monumental blockbuster that was last summer’s AVENGERS movie.




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