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Like so many around the globe now, I have seen the all new dazzling STAR TREK sequel INTO DARKNESS, the second prequel film in the rebooted franchise and second to be directed by Hollywood modern genre master director(to some folks) JJ Abrams. Yes, it is a massively huge and epic spectacle of a film, some masterful tracking explosive sequences, almost non-stop action, witty dialogue, highly mounted tension between characters on a grand scale, but did it get rushed to the cinema far too soon, with some significant problems and issues that many fans and critics are debating now.

I myself am admittedly not the biggest Trekkie at all, though I do have a respect for Trek and I do admire many elements of the various TV series and films from over the years. One of the big issues here I think for many fans specifically will be how JJ Abrams directed the film and the actual script.

I do not wish to put down a series of nasty spoilers here for those still yet to view the film, and it is certainly not at all a terrible movie. Very far from that, but saying that, for me it does have a familiarity to some of the previous Trek movies which I do think could have been overcome.

I personally might have some issues which are things that just generally prevent me from being a full scale die-hard Trekkie anyway, but then there are a good few problems in the movie that do honestly seem to have shockingly been overlooked in the editing suite and post-production before they sent the movie out internationally.

It does definitely have a core strong cast of main actors, specifically those playing Kirk, Spock and the lead villain, the continually charismatic Cumberbatch. I think it does start off for the first thirty minutes to an hour, begin greatly but after a while becomes something which lacks what it possibly suggested in some trailers. Trailers can often sell films far too much these days, and intitially I was not even very interested in this sequel too much. In the last month or so I did see more which then led me to really think that it might really have been one very huge special film of 2013.

It is certainly a great cinema film, go for the epic space style sci-fi shoot ups, the mega sized action sequences and the high camp stand off dialogue. Ardent fans will find faults, though if you do like a very expensive large scale space adventure film every so often, a Trek movie is still a good option.




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