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GHOSTBUSTERS 3-Who’s afraid of a sequel?

Just in the last couple of days new reports have come that the comedy legend of the 80’s Dan Aykroyd is once more speaking about his very long brewing but never yet active hope of seeing a new sequel to the earlier two films years ago now, which do still certainly hold a strong cult following of children of the eighties such as myself.

In the last few years he had finally changed direction and agreed that it could be very much more likely that a third film would see a new young group of Ghostbusters mentored by the older characters, and before that for a long while it did seem that Aykroyd could never expect to see his script-any version-adapted to the big screen, as the budget and concept were just expect to be far too huge.

A couple of years ago there was an Xbox game released which then became a sort of hybrid almost sequel in the franchise, using a good few of the ideas which he had been suggesting and it was a very admirable achievement for sure. The very sad fact is that just so many years have passed for what had been such a mighty franchise back in the day with so many ideas, creativity and appeal.

Now though, Aykroyd seems very much more convincing about the present script actually being seriously looked at and considered in the film world, and even more recently in the last few hours it seems some believe that the most loved actor involved in the series-Mr Bill Murray-might now finally be agreeing to join up for the potential new movie, which is highly unexpected as he had always for years now denied any interest in being involved at all.

The the world of slapstick ghost hunting and busting, ectoplasm and wild spectral adventure, things might finally being getting closer to the return of those lovable Ghostbusters. Who’s afraid of bad sequel? Well…any sequel might be great, and with the CG effects of today a new Ghostbuster movie could be simply stunning epic fun.



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