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PACIFIC RIM-Call of Del Toro to the camera…

Very recently some of you may have, no I would think probably must have seen the honestly very impressive and epic film trailer to Guillermo del Toro’s new movie PACIFIC RIM. It has been some time since the very respected director of regularly visually and in narrative captivating movies, only having been producing a few horror and supernatural flicks for other lesser known directors and then the painfully aborted and highly anticipated movie projects which he was involved with for some time, including The Hobbit and some kind of adaptation or production of horror literature legend H.P.Lovecraft classic tales, specifically At the mountain’s of Madness.

Now here we have with the PACIFIC RIM movie trailer, something with does agreeably look most definitely very stunning and possibly one of the very best visual action/science fiction movies of 2013 but why did this movie come along and why did del Toro settle down in production of this and not the other projects?

I myself am very much a huge fan of Lovecraft tales, and to imagine some of them, especially …Mountains of Madness up on the big screen and executed successfully would be a fantastic thing, but right now could it realistically happen, given that it would very likely demand a very large budget, even with green screen and CGI involved?

There were such evident problematic pressures and drawn out issues connected to del Toro and his involvement with the production of The Hobbit, which with him eventually parting ways with it was probably all for the best even if it must have been a huge personal effort and drain of energy for a long time.

The Lovecraft project would very certainly be such a stunning thing to hope to see on screen in future, but I might guess that it could possibly also be a trouble with the producers and studios involved over the rating that it would need and the actual specific elements of visual horror and dread to be depicted. It is Lovecraft, and if made to match the stories, would have to suitably be extremely visually mind-blowing and incredibly terrifying. So how does a very large Hollywood studio make that and still make the budget back and more at box office? Lovecraft does not usually include nubile screaming young blonde girls being chased by masked villains, as with the popular and financially dependable SAW, or Friday 13th or Halloween franchises.

As for the PACIFIC RIM movie itself, I would really like to see it and it is definitely the kind of film that I am sure I will probably very much enjoy. Possibly resembling the kind of Godzilla movie that should be around these days- and could appear in near future- with a equally strong mix of satisfying gigantic sci-fi elements it really does at least appear to be one heck of a huge action adventure movie which could actual maybe hold our attention from beginning to the very end, which can not always to the case these days.

We would all very hope that there could be some chance of there being a HELLBOY 3 to hit cinema screens sometime-this just may not happen, but there still could be hope. In the meantime, with a movie as truly massive and epic in scale as PACIFIC RIM at least it shows that del Toro has not yet totally given up working on such huge, detailed and entertaining genre movies.



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