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I got around to watching this very late night but different quirky little show last year, and now in the last month the second season has aired in the UK.

It was a bit of a gimmick, as it first was a kind of web series on the show channel site, but is certainly a very clever cult show which I am sure many are fascinated with.

The show in a way reworks a sort of Twilight Zone or Outer Limits style set-up of a mysterious man who offers people what ever they really desire but with a task that they must perform first. The jobs and tasks are often very dangerous, morally conflicting and hugely challenging to the individuals.

This second series, again followed the same pattern as the previous, though began to offer a few suggestions about the mysterious man at the Booth and why his is there, how and how he might be.

Not that this is the most important thing, as the show pulls in the viewer with the challenges and difficulties that meet the individuals.

This is a very low budget show, minimal sets, and only really people talking about events about to happen or that have just taken place. These are short half hour intense episodes, revealing tense drama, desire and desperate characters with struggles to face as the man writes his notes and listens.

We still know barely anything about the man in the booth, which is one of the great things. As they do this time just offer a few very subtle suggestion about his past, his character, it is thankfully still only enough to keep us very curious and anxious to know more. He could still be anyone or anything, and that is fine.

Thankfully it does seem to have been set up toward a third series, which would be excellent to see.

While we never see the individual characters act out their deeds, how they are described and discussed is in this series even more possibly disturbing and troubling.

This is a fascinating, very intelligent and playful little show which many should see and hopefully will continue to grow as a cult series.




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