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I was just now thinking about the new series of AMERICAN HORROR STORY-ASYLUM that I am trying to keep up with, as it is fairly superb horror on the small screen. I considered how the cast had switched around, a number of the previous actors staying for series 2 but starring in very different roles and characters this time around. It was a surprise and shock to some, though this had been done before, but usually it is seen in theatre.

Then I began to think about how this changing of cast and stars in other series would be a very interesting thing. Let’s look at some the most interesting and popular genre TV shows right now and just wonder about how good or bad they might be if the actors changed roles-

One of my current faves-Lost Girl-what if the actress Ksenia Solo who plays Kenzi has been cast as Bo, the actual lost girl, and Anna Silk-what if she had been cast as Lauren, the scientist doctor? Could that have worked?
(Although, in LOST GIRL they have already done a body swap episode, which was quite funny and crazy)

What if they two male leads in SUPERNATURAL played the opposite roles in the show? Would that have possibly worked?

The cast of THE WALKING DEAD? Could any of those stars have worked well if they changed roles with each other earlier?

It’s just a brief interesting path to think along.

Could what they did in the AMERICAN HORROR STORY-ASYLUM series show in the US work on any TV show in the UK at all without coming across as cheap, or like a simple desperate gimmick? So far it seems to be working well enough for AMERICAN HORROR STORY. Perhaps it is due to the actors, the writing or the pacing of the series. However it continues, it is an interesting experiment in terror…



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