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Looking through the latest issue of SFX magazine, I find some new comments about what still could be happening, even now being planned much more clearly and with dedicated focus.

After the phenomenal worldwide success of Marvel’s AVENGERS, which absolutely showed how much interest in comic book action and capers there is, and that audiences seem to now be so much more open and receptive to increasingly bombastic and wild comic book characters and story lines which previously would only generally been accepted on printed pages, by die hard comic fans.

While Marvel studios (Working with Disney now) have been pumping out a continuous line of great and fantastic movies including IRON MAN, IRON MAN 2, HULK, THOR, CAPTAIN AMERICA; the rival comic creators DC and Warner brothers studios have for the most part only had the BATMAN series keeping them proud, which of course has also matched if not been more successful than the IRON MAN movies in some ways. Besides that, DC put out the GREEN LANTERN movie.

It was reported to have a staggeringly over the top budget, then went over budget, looked like it really might have been some great new mind blowing superhero series, doing what others had not dared to approach yet. On release however, GREEN LANTERN, really did not grab people in the best way. Personally, I myself did like the movie, and there were many great things going for it. It did look really fantastic at times, at other times maybe not so great. Maybe it was a few stepped ahead too early on, with such deeply written back story and dozens of characters suddenly around, and perhaps not fully explained soon enough or it was possibly just all put together it the wrong way. Too much, too soon for DC.

Next up, we have a bold new SUPERMAN film. Have you seen the enigmatic trailer? Even with director Zack Snyder on board, it is being in some way produced by Chris Nolan, director of the BATMAN trilogy. It could still go in any direction, this new outing for the one from Krypton. It could look fantastic, but have just an extremely embarrassing script. Or not even that.

Now though, the long hoped for production of a potential DC JUSTICE LEAGUE movie, following on after the success of AVENGERS, could be so much more plausible and possible. Though after the GREEN LANTERN movie, with as much money as was poured into it, it does seem that DC and Warner Bros. are repeatedly nervous and consistently hesitant in the shadow of Marvel.

While DC would find problems of course, as a JUSTICE LEAGUE movie would at least have to include BATMAN, WONDER WOMAN and probably GREEN LANTERN it could, like many speculated over the AVENGERS be such a shambolic mess on screen. It is going to demand a new actor for BATMAN, possibly Ryan Reynolds returning as GREEN LANTERN-not a really bad thing, and lastly the choosing of an actor for the role of WONDER WOMAN. And like AVENGERS, JUSTICE LEAGUE could potentially open up space for an exceptionally wide narrative, their many regular locations and surrounding potentially there to be used and included.

Already with the GREEN LANTERN movie, which was probably one of the very most over -the-top and fantastical narratives to put on screen, DC attempted to create and put on screen the kinds of other worldly visions which could just be the beginning of what could be seen in an actual JUSTICE LEAGUE film.

Could it now all rest on the reaction and soon to be seen success or failure once again of their man of steel, SUPERMAN before we know for sure? The bigger news now was that DC/Warner Bros. do believe they might just put out a JUSTICE LEAGUE film in the very same year as the second AVENGERS movie. The strongest will survive.



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