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Much more news is creeping now about this mysterious but quite honestly very much anticipated new WOLVERINE X-MEN spin-off film. Following the first WOLVERINE movie, which generally most everyone views as a huge explosive but utter shambles of a mess; this new sequel still suggests something which could really open up some fantastic depiction of the most mysterious, and interesting character from the X-MEN history.

Yes, the previous first WOLVERINE movie did involve a good few of the interesting back story themes, which many fans had hoped to see tackled on screen in some way, but the other terrible missteps and ill choices practically overshadowed those scenes. The legendary Weapon X narrative was depicted, and to some level, it was fairly good on screen, but the other dumb mistake and ruined the rest of the movie.

With this new sequel for WOLVERINE, so much has been alluded to that could be very great. This is a character that has built in so much mystery and enigmatic back story, and this film could showcase it.

The obvious difficulty though I see now, is how this movie will exist alongside the new re-branded X-MEN series of films. Not that they have been polished or distorted to an extreme extent, perhaps like some other Marvel films and characters, but this Wolverine should now have a suitably authentic feel and look with should not bow to pressure of wider younger tween audiences. For many years Wolverine has, in the X-MEN comics arguably been the most dark and difficult character, with much deep psychological tensions and almost extreme bleak and bloody existential violence seen, as he struggles with his past and own self. This is what we should hopefully be seeing in this new movie.

Will it offer up a true, more authentic Wolverine than the previous largely dumb but simplistic fun film?

This new sequel is due on screens July 2013.



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