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Coming up very soon and just timed for Halloween, there will be an adaptation of JAMES HERBERT’S The Secret of Crickley Hall on our UK tv screens. Will it be a successful small screen conversion? Would there have been more appropriate books from Herbert or other authors which could also have scared us this Halloween? How many modern horror novels from UK or overseas authors would be just right for small screen adaptation?

Some authors, and I am mostly thinking about the horror genre here, seem very much perfect for adapting onto television, their books and tales tailored just perfectly in tone and drama. Whereas there have in the past been a small number of James Herbert books adapted to film and mostly been unsuccessful, on television I believe his work would very likely shine much stronger.

Some of his books such as Once…, The Dark, Shrine, could cross onto small screen and quite possibly become very excellent dramatic fear series. Yes, at times in those novels there are often some very graphic elements which could be an issue, but if later released on dvd/Bluray, those more harrowing scenes could flourish.

Other British horror authors that could also offer some excellent scares on television with there short tales or novels could include of course Clive Barker, and then the often underrated Shaun Hutson, and then some new younger authors like David Moody.

While this new adaptation of Herbert’s The Secret of Crickley Hall will be I think drawing on strong, dramatic fear and chills in atmosphere, there could be plenty of horror which could creep and crawl onto our small screens if the producers dare take the chance…



  1. In the US, the 1970’s was a great time for television movies. Salem’s Lot, The Gargoyles, Dark Night of the Scarecrow, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, Duel, Trilogy of Terror, were all produced for the small screen in the 1970’s. Today, TV is too worried about what their advertisers might think so they keep it tame.

    • Right, and we’re only just becoming aware of some of those over in UK thanks to internet/dvd releases. I think here yes, advertising pressure, but just channels/producers not seeing full potential for great horror on television. There has been some tough-The Fades, Bedlam, Being Human, and more from UK. But seventies too, we had Hammer horror series on television.

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