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On Friday night I made it along to a screening at the Manchester, UK horror film festival GRIMMFEST/GRIMM UP NORTH of Clive Barker’s now legendary modern fantasy horror epic movie NIGHTBREED. This however, is the new and recently re-edited though ongoing version known as THE CABAL CUT.

The movie NIGHTBREED, directed by British horror/fantasy author/artist/filmmaker Clive Barker was released in 1991, and despite the hugely grand epic scale, astonishingly creativity poured into the movie, which Barker adapted from his own novella CABAL; the film performed terribly at cinemas at that time and was seen as a very tragic failure.

With over twenty years having passed since then, many strange and unexpected things have happened, that misunderstood 1991 theatrical version of NIGHTBREED still over time, found and built up a loyal and loving fanbase, consisting of many fans of Clive Barker-who had a few years before NIGHTBREED already become the newest most exciting British horror author and director of his classic horror creation HELLRAISER-and others who simply had an interest in horror and fantasy films that strive to offer more depth and creativity and vision.

As Barker continued on, leaving the tragic mess of NIGHTBREED behind and directing and producing other films such as LORD OF ILLUSIONS and CANDYMAN, and as ever writing more astounding novels and tales; through interviews he and actors and others involved with NIGHTBREED took part in it gradually became increasingly apparent that he actually attempted to shoot, and did shoot some of a much more larger, fascinating, loyal version of his novella CABAL than the version of NIGHTBREED which audiences had the chance to see in 1991 and then on VHS tapes since. There was much more out there.

If you have seen the 1991 NIGHTBREED movie, you most probably will pick up on a number of plot holes, discrepancies in the narrative, sudden clipping of the story as it zips along, with the fast pacing and stunning Danny Elfman soundtrack score. As more information leaked out over time, the uneven movie narrative began to make sense, while a great sense of sadness was created.

After more time, Barker had spoken in a few interviews eventually of being almost definitely certain of knowing that a great deal of unused footage existed, but was hidden or trapped away in film studios, and due to legal difficulties and financial issues, it was seeming just impossible to be able to get hold of it and attempt to re-edit a director’s cut. It was becoming such a unending tragedy, a myth of some unseen but heard of and potentially amazing film.

In the last couple of years, some very amazing news came to us. Footage had been located, when almost even Clive had given up ever seeing any of the extra scenes shot all those years ago. A man named Russell and another named Mark began a tremendous journey, a huge undertaking with the footage found in most unexpected places and THE CABAL CUT was taking shape…



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