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Across the internet now and as I saw, over on SciFiNow website report, the director of the ROBOCOP remake, Jose Padilha is experiencing some major issues surrounding the production shoot of this anticipated remake. The studio seems to be very difficult and controlling over scenes, cuts, direction and more which is driving Jose crazy as he just tries to make a remake that a cinema audience will enjoy.

Perhaps there might be a lot connected to the basis of the concept which is the cause of trouble for them-we have a science fiction movie using a cop, a futuristic cop. The movie has potential to be a statement about American police and law enforcement, a metaphor for today’s current law issues, the public’s view of police, corruption, law enforcement on the streets, corporate influence on law and police.

The film certainly could serve to focus on our trust in police, the ways police operate, and the political pressures on them and a number of other serious issues. It could again, like the original, directed by that master of mainstream yet clever and satirical action movies Paul Verhoeven be a platform to hint at many of these topic and socially relevant issues. Or it could be stripped down to being just an even more simplistic ultra-violent blood bath action popcorn flick.

If the director can work with the studio, and the numerous new cast members still being revealed and added, it should still be due in some way, shape or form around August next year.

And they still have to include ED-2O9 right?



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