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All over the internet about now, there reports of Keanu Reeves having spoken out about some of the plot ideas which may just be contributing toward what might be the very long awaited next BILL AND TED movie. With this I am well pleased.

But how long? It’s around over twenty years since the previous movie, Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey hit cinema screens, almost totally unbelievable I know-I was just a little rock dude myself back then-and so could a new sequel really work and seem to continue where the last one finished?

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and sequel Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey were two very enjoyable dumb but great fun teen drop out comedy movies, where time travel took our dim-witted but very likeable duo off to all kinds of crazy places, meeting many famous historical figures, and even themselves in various ways with hilarious results. They created a number of iconic catchphrases, and unforgettable scenes fondly remembered.

But a question that has been around for a good few years now, increasing as time has passed, after the mega success of The Matrix trilogy for Keanu and well, not too much else for Alex Winter. Are the two lead actors just too old to be the iconic heavy headed rock dudes again?

It seems that Keanu thinks the new film would, as he has stated in the past, follow the duo as they have become older, worn out, and uninspired. But his new remarks suggest much better ideas that could be great, which actually sound more along the lines of the first movie, time travel back but with the quest element of the second. I so much hope that it will get the green light and help it needs to hit our screens, as it has been far too long without these two most excellent bodacious dudes around.

Party on, and be excellent to each other!



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